Вера Брежнева полностью разделась для обложки глянца
Racy photos of the singer pleased the male half of her fans.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: @Instagram velvetmusic Vera Brezhneva

Vera Brezhnev once again stirred his candid photos of the male half of their fans. The completely Nude singer graced the new issue of men’s magazine — Maxim.

Despite the fact that Faith is not the first time Frank decides to shoot, the excitement around her juicy shots not falling from year to year. However, the perfect body of Faith probably could have let her walk around in the Nude all year round, if not climatic conditions. By the way, to be in such great shape Brezhnev very much a work in progress. Even the weekend, the singer spent in the gym.

Among other things, the recognition of Faith, she does not always agree to appear before the public in a candid way. For example, in 2008 during the filming of the video for the song “I don’t play”, she did not dare to undress in front of camera Director video. So they had to resort to small cunning. “Actually, it was not “Nude”, and a special beige thin linen, which is then removed in post production but I didn’t say that, ” laughs Faith. — It was the longest single shot — 27 hours — with one hour break for lunch. Started at 8 am one day, finished at 11 am the other. By the way, the other, the main suit (black patent) came up with Konstantin Meladze. But when it was made, it turned out that he never stretches. The first time I couldn’t even move. And sit down in it was impossible. For this I had to unbutton the back zipper. But during filming, even the jumpsuit forgot that he’s not reaching, and obey my body completely.”