Победитель шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Виталий Уливанов: «Мигель стал мне вторым отцом» December 30 on channel TNT held a screening of the long-awaited finale of the popular project. The majority of the audience voted for the 28-year-old dancer and pedagogue Vitaly Olivanova. The young man told about Miguel, his girlfriend and behind the scenes of the project.
Победитель шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Виталий Уливанов: «Мигель стал мне вторым отцом»

On TNT ended with a screening of the fourth season of the show “DANCING”. For several months fans of the program with a sinking heart watched the matches and rooting for their favorites. Reached the final four of the strongest contestants – Julia Gafarova, Vitaly Ulianov, Ildar Gainutdinov and Dima Bonchinche. They fell in love not only spectators, but stern jury.

The winner of the project was a 28-year-old Vitaly Ulianov team of Miguel. The young man born in the village of SIL’tse Leningrad region, tried several times to get into the show “DANCING” and participated in the auditions in different seasons. Only now he managed to reach the final test. “StarHit” asked Olivanova about the behind the scenes of the popular program.

What emotions did you feel before such an important day?
Победитель шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Виталий Уливанов: «Мигель стал мне вторым отцом»I was very nervous before the final, but during the final concert suddenly felt calm and even ease. We knew that the winner is already decided and nothing changed, because the audience voting has ended. So everybody relax and just dance.—
How do you maintain a close?
Победитель шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Виталий Уливанов: «Мигель стал мне вторым отцом»Family is my most reliable support. Relatives were very worried, constantly called. Mom and dad came to the concerts and, of course, was on the final. I’m really glad they shared the moment with me. Unfortunately, the sister could not attend, but she still tried to maintain. Wrote every hour, I got a bunch of messages… and, of course, the audience is also sick of me, I received many warm and motivating comments in social networks. I was contacted not only from Russia but also from abroad – from all over the Baltic States and even Greece, Spain, Switzerland…
Победитель шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Виталий Уливанов: «Мигель стал мне вторым отцом»
And why did you decide to participate in the show? When he started dancing?
Победитель шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Виталий Уливанов: «Мигель стал мне вторым отцом»I dance for about 16 years. Started when I was 12, and not going to finish with this, fortunately, there is progress. I decided to participate because I am a dancer, and the show of TNT is the largest specialized dance project in our country. It seemed to me that it is better not to sit at home and watch on TV contestants, and to participate myself.
What they have learned during the time spent in the show?
Победитель шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Виталий Уливанов: «Мигель стал мне вторым отцом»I’m sure stronger. The project allowed me to rethink my life, and I changed a lot about myself. I got a strong motivation, and the ability to see your mistakes and work on them. —
What problems are faced?
Победитель шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Виталий Уливанов: «Мигель стал мне вторым отцом»Maybe I seem too cocky, but I did not have much difficulty. Yes, sometimes I haven’t slept, went to rehearsal sleepy, and then worked for eleven hours, he received bruises and bruises. But overall, everything was very cool and positive. Now I’m even sad that the project ended. I want to come back to the training hall and put the new rooms that not only exciting, but also interesting. In fact, the biggest difficulty is to adapt to the styles that you’re not dancing – acrobatic rock-n-roll, contemporary, Argentine tango… But I had to overcome yourself, what can you do. You don’t just get to walk away from the project. With regard to psychological problems, we do not have any difficulties. We have, incidentally, worked as a specialist, which I never approached. He even wondered why, but I laughed it off.
Победитель шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Виталий Уливанов: «Мигель стал мне вторым отцом»
What kind of relationship you had with other participants? Have there been any disputes with the guys?
Победитель шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Виталий Уливанов: «Мигель стал мне вторым отцом»No, I consider myself a peaceful person. Miguel was generally very comfortable with the team because he prefers to take not just great dancers, and people close in spirit. Then, in the process, Miguel has created such an aura that we started to feel as one family – since the first broadcast to the last. We get so close that I could no longer imagine life without the other guys. Of course, Miguel has also worked with us individually, developing acting skills.—
Would you like to work with a mentor?
Победитель шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Виталий Уливанов: «Мигель стал мне вторым отцом»Of course, because Miguel is an amazing person with a capital “H”. All the guys love him. Moreover, the mentor has supported us and the project. Miguel has always been with us and attended the training, entertained, drove to his home, so we rested and relaxed, arranged photo shoots and other events. As a mentor, he gave us a lot of information. I could always go to Miguel and say, “let’s talk”. He even sometimes acted as the initiator of communication and to discuss the proposed room. You can tell that Miguel has become a second father for me. —
You really wanted to get him in the team?
Победитель шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Виталий Уливанов: «Мигель стал мне вторым отцом»Yes, and when I did, I realized how cool this is. —
On the project you have struck up a romance with Sasha Goroshko…
Победитель шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Виталий Уливанов: «Мигель стал мне вторым отцом»That’s life. I was a free man, and here met a girl who I liked very much. It so happened that we found a common language.

Have you thought how you’ll celebrate?
Победитель шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Виталий Уливанов: «Мигель стал мне вторым отцом»I note on the corporate. Day after tomorrow, by the way, the New year, and I don’t even have a special festive mood. Important date snuck up on me because all this time I was on the project. Actually, this is my favorite holiday, so I’m going to prepare for it. Go to Petersburg, whence I come, and I will be up all night walking along the Nevsky Prospekt.—
Anything else you are addicted to besides dancing? Never thought to dedicate my life to another profession?
Победитель шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Виталий Уливанов: «Мигель стал мне вторым отцом»As a child I was very athletic, involved in swimming and football. But later realized that just ready to dance. I have no other Hobbies, I can say that dancing without a break.—
What are your future career plans?
Will move to Moscow and continue to develop professionally. I see there are more prospects.