Иван Ургант попал в скандал со священником The presenter has created a parody of a popular religious channel. In the program “Evening Urgant” created the category, which name is similar to “Savior”. This caused outrage in Church circles.

Some time ago in the entertainment program “Evening Urgant” a new category “SPA Channel” dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. It is the journalist Irena Ponaroshku, which always promotes to the masses the idea of harmony with itself. Many thought that this part of the programme is a parody of the transmission on TV channel “Spas”, the General Director is Boris korchevnikov.

Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov decided to comment on the situation. According to him, humor Urganta here is misplaced.

“My mother taught not to read what is written on all the walls. And it’s all such base products, I don’t do drugs and even am not interested. Normal people have no values now is the norm. That is, talk about values – they are always there, but usually nothing more than bitcoin does not interest them,” said the priest.

According to Smirnov, the program Ivan Urgant there’s nothing funny. The Archpriest believes that people should not watch such shows because they don’t teach anything good.

“As for the stars – well, there’s another citizen Petrosyan. It’s all the same order of things. This is not enriching. After all, what is called humor? Humor is Gogol, Saltykov-Shchedrin, Chekhov sometimes, well, I do not Urgant” – said Smirnov in conversation with the newspaper “Moscow Says”.

Recall the “Evening Urgant” – the daily evening show, which is broadcast from Monday to Friday. Ivan believes that television needs to be sent, while viewing where the person will not have to strain. “The meaning of my program is simple: you came home, had dinner, got the kids to bed, washed the mother and despite a lot of unpleasant things want to go to sleep with good mood. This transfer, I want to answer the question: can our TV to be relevant and yet atmospheric? For me, fundamentally, make sense that the transmission is removed here and now.I think that this program should react to events exactly the same as you. I don’t think it will be perceived as a mouthpiece of truth. And do not set a missionary task” – as Ivan described his artistic project.