The winner of the show “DANCING” Dmitry Twitter has just won three million for mom

Триумфатор шоу «ТАНЦЫ» Дмитрий Щебет выиграл три миллиона для мамы The young man won a landslide victory at the final concert of the show. For several months the cost of great labour he had to prove to his coach and all the spectators that it deserves to be the best.

      Dmitry Twitter became the winner of the third season of “DANCING”. His mentor, dancer Miguel, with the first broadcasts of the show noted choreographic abilities of the young man. Members of the jury every time trying to criticize Dmitry, that was given to each performance with even greater force. When Twitter appeared on the casting “DANCE”, he immediately said that the victory he needed not for himself but for the family. Before leaving on a competitive stage he made a promise to my mother that I’ll surely win and will spend the prize of three million rubles for the construction of the house.

      The winner of the “DANCING” made a proposal to the girl

      Apparently, the project participant was a strong motivation that really helped him to go forward, bypassing many strong opponents. In each video, which was shown before the release of the contestants on the stage Dima reminded why he came to Moscow and who is trying so hard.

      Every performance of 24-year-old actor was accompanied by a stormy reaction of the audience and genuine emotions from the leading Laysan Utyasheva and jury members, who sometimes just couldn’t contain myself. They were grateful to the young man and his female partners in a sensual room.

      It is necessary to remind that the participants of the project “DANCING” shortly before the end of the program met with clairvoyants from “the battle of psychics”, which was supposed to reveal their secrets. At the time, Marilyn Kerro was able to determine exactly what Dmitri’s Twitter remains inextricable relationship with the mother. She noted that the young man loves her and is preparing a great gift. After viewers found out, it was about a house that was going to buy a future winner of the “DANCING” Dima.

      During the long months that Dmitry Twitter took part in the project, he tried to communicate with your followers, share with them the most striking shots from the stage and behind the scenes, to put in social networks of their own performances and to respond to comments appearing fans. It is worth emphasizing that almost every post the winner of the project accompanied by the words “Los Gatos” in Spanish means “many cats.” The young man does not hide his passion for these animals and strongly reminds us of this followers.