Каким мы узнали Свами Даши: самые яркие высказывания победителя «Битвы экстрасенсов» Ended the 17th season of the project. For many, the news of the victory of the psychic in the show was not a surprise. A week before the announcement of the results, the Internet got pictures and video from the final record. The outcome of the project, it seemed obvious and natural.

      Swami Dashi won the 17th season of “the battle of psychics”. Learn about the results of voting in social networks, fans of the psychic immediately began to congratulate him and to Express my gratitude for the opportunity once again to make sure that people with unique abilities is still there. Many subscribers psychics wondered what took place Marilyn Kerro. Estonian witch was again second, ahead of “monoglycol” Hope Shevchenko and “combat” Darius Voskoboeva.

      What do we know about the mysterious Swami Dashi

      Swami Dashi for almost four months has demonstrated extraordinary ability. From the very first pojavlenija on the set, he struck a notorious skeptic Sergei Safronov. He has then no doubt that Dasha will go to the finals. All this time guru spiritual practices brilliantly coped with the tests, provided psychological support to those who asked. Psychic actively shared with followers in social networks their thoughts which pursue it. Posts in the Internet are very popular. It quotes comments, agree with them and try to challenge, but most importantly, they hook up. “StarHit” has collected the most significant sayings clairvoyant, which caused quite a stir in the Network.

      “We are all gods, just don’t allow ourselves to admit it! You all can give freedom, love, light and hope, as Jesus, he was also a man, and for this he was crucified”

      Psychic has repeatedly stated that the main human power lies in our perception of the world attitude. In numerous tests he was trying to prove to people how important it is to accept yourself, to love and appreciate, but do not forget to share warmth with others. Many were shocked, while passing one of the tests in the “Battle of psychics” Swami influenced sick anorexic girl who after talking with him for the first time thought about how many mistakes she made on the way to the perfect body.

      “Everyone has inside of those words that we don’t have time, are unable to say to those who, alas, now there. Sometimes it is words of hatred, sometimes fear, but most often it is words of love. So why is everyone so afraid of love? I can clearly see the whole mechanism of life of people around, nobody there, no one! All in the past or in the future. But here and now? To live, to love, to feel”

      Every time at “Battle of psychics”, immersed in a trance and trying to communicate with the world of the dead, Swami Dasha tried to look into the most secret parts of the soul, to discern something that others had not. Reincarnating, he reproduced the words of the deceased in such a way that it shocked their relatives. They were never prepared for the fact that a psychic will begin to speak through the mouth of their son, father, brother. And each time they all wanted to convey something very important and valuable. Swami Dashi spoke about the indescribable love

      “Life, love, laughter – that’s what makes us alive, sparkling and feeling. Many have asked: “how?” Just looking inside it, only throwing out all muddy, black, depressed, you can become real, can honestly look someone in the eye and do wonders”

      These thoughts become almost the main credo Swami Dasha on the project. His every appearance on the set was soprovozhdalos smile, despite the seeming seriousness. The participants in the different experiments was observed that the male emits some kind of special eneregy. Thanks to her, the man certainly was likable. Swami Dashi hide the details of their personal lives

      “Touch is due to: people are afraid to touch and be touchable.Alas, childhood is gradually but inexorably from this we unlearn most of our loved ones. When I hug someone, I hug the Universe, I embrace the God that is inside each of you. Let us embrace each other with total love, sharing light and warmth”

      Fans of “the battle of psychics” with certainty noticed, with some cautious trepidation Dasha’s attitude toward those who applied to the program for help. After passing the test, he tried to hug any person, so as to share his energy. No matter who these people were: man, woman, child, former drug addict, widow, orphan – for each Dasha has found a place in his soul. Swami Dashi spoke about bereavement.

      “What is Love? Fading, thrill the soul, the heartbeat can’t describe any words –never! Is that possible one day to live in awe, in silence, and finish the experience will nourish us for a lifetime. Only we have to live from the heart. Who knows is silent, he doesn’t need words”

      This is one of the few thoughts Swami Dashi, which is not subjected to disputes. In fact, it was calculated and clairvoyant. Every time speaking at the “Battle of psychics,” or addressing his admirers and detractors, he was trying to convey to them the most important thing – love. It is, in his opinion, is able to purify the soul. Swami Dasha brought to a hysterics of the participant of the release of “the battle of psychics”

      “In the “system” is not accepted and not allowed to make sounds, to Express emotions, violently to breathe well and move naturally. Of course, seeing people not ashamed of his body, his tears and joy, expressing all that is, some just say,”SECT”, but it’s not”

      The winner of the 17th season of “Battle of psychics” has conducted numerous master classes and workshops, gives advice on how to tidy up your body, soul and spirit. According to Dasha, these three concepts are indivisible, and only together they constitute the unity of the whole. He also believes that keeping emotions inside is criminal. So the man was used in the filming of a special breathing technique, which required building a sound contact. Sound important Swami Dashi by itself, because it gives birth to the word, but it expresses emotion. Indifferent to the actions of the party was left with no one. He could bring tears to a woman who feared losing their homes because of the phantom husband, and the mother who buried a son, and employees of the Museum, which opened surprising facts about historical figures, known to all. Dasha Swami revealed the secrets of the life of Grigory Rasputin

      “As the wolf”: at the level of the radar, sensation, it’s like yesterday’s frosty air, some echo of the early childhood, when everything is still feel – the smells, the stillness of a spring morning, or the anticipation of the new year. That’s almost about it. I call it “Wolves”

      One of the hallmarks of Swami Dasha – the ability, as he claimed, to turn into a wolf. By that he meant the strongest concentration of receptors, emotions and feelings, when all body is tight and goes in a completely different state. This has helped him in the search. Thus he could find the woman hiding in a big house, a monkey, hiding in the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, and even the Ghost of the past present in the present. Swami Dasha confessed that he was tired of “the battle of psychics”

      “With the human material mind it is meaningless to talk about meditation, he simply does not understand its the ocean can not accommodate this concept. And the soul is torn in these waves, the wind, the roar of the surf”

      In their posts on social media Swami Dashi calls to work not only the mind but also the heart. He believes that self-realization is possible only through direct penetration into his soul. For this you need to give yourself a whole set of feelings and emotions. Not all members of a psychic share this position, but most recognize its validity and conformity of life to the program psychic.

      Swami Dasha spoke on the topic of victory in the “Battle of psychics”

      “I am against revolution, against the confrontation and fronderstvo against disputes with politicians and the Church. The path by walking, at first difficult, but then the thrill, the ecstasy!

      Swami Dashi never come into conflict with any of the participants of “Battle of psychics.” He always kept himself in hand, but I let emotions vyplesnetsya when he himself greatly hurt the fate of the person seeking help. But other than that he was restrained. He strongly denied the rumors about his competition with Marilyn Kerro and other stakeholders. The man initially seeks to comprehend himself and to fight with their own fears.

      Swami Dashi spoke about the feud with Marilyn Kerro

      “In my understanding, the human person is the Central link between the divine and the animal beginning. And the catch all seekers usually read spiritual literature, that they want only the divine, forgetting that no bottom no top. My idea of spiritual growth is in a meeting with himself, which, alas, is usually not particularly pleasant!”

      These words are a kind of credo of the psychic. His thoughts he demonstrates daily to thousands of people throughout Russia, as it is important to appreciate what each has, and how to be in harmony with yourself. There are those who condemn Swami Dashi for his statements, for a program of meditation, over the pressure that it has on people, communicating with them. However, many fans of the seer are convinced that the reason for this extraordinary man who has a discerning eye and open heart, which, according to followers, and brought him a deserved victory in the 17th “Battle of psychics”.

      Swami Dasha accepts congratulations with the victory in the “Battle of psychics”