Жена олигарха Ксения Царицына устроила супругу эротический сюрприз Model surprised a loved one. Ksenia showed followers the in a sexy Bunny costume. In this form she hid in the trunk of an expensive car. Followers appreciated the idea spectacular brunettes appreciated.
Жена олигарха Ксения Царицына устроила супругу эротический сюрприз

A couple of months ago model Ksenia Tsaritsyn literally blew up the Internet. Wife of a large businessman posted a luxurious ring with a 70-carat diamond. Her post sparked a heated discussion among subscribers. As reported Tsaritsyn, this gift she gave her husband. The wife of the Russian oligarch boasted diamond in 70 carat

Recently Ksenia posted in social network another shot. Dressed in a sexy Bunny costume she was in the trunk of a car. The caption under the picture was very telling: “Gift for husband”.

Жена олигарха Ксения Царицына устроила супругу эротический сюрприз

Fans of Tsaritsyno was delighted with such originality. “How nice,” “You always know how to surprise, Ksenia”, “Elegant gift, teach me to do the same,” wrote the followers of the model.

Xenia took into account the wishes of the fans and promised to think about that the next time to give some advice to the girls. The woman often shares his recommendations for care with the followers, and also gives advice on how to bring the body in shape without exhausting diets.

“I am in terms of appearance perfectionist. So after having two kids I want to be better than before and not worse. I’m a model, so it is very important to be in shape. Next to me a gorgeous man. And many more reasons. If you want to be in shape, you will find a bunch of reasons”, – wrote Ksenia.

Recall that Ksenia met her future husband, businessman Alexey – 2011. The man is engaged in construction business. According to the model, a month after the beginning of the relationship they began to live together. Then the man asked Xenia to move to Samara. However, in 2012, they moved to permanent residence in Dubai. Despite the fact that they never registered the marriage, this does not prevent their happy life. The couple are raising two children – four-year-old Michael and one-year-old eve.