Беременная девушка Ивана Жидкова получила травму The choice of the artist Liliya Solovyova told about the case, which it recently happened. Walk the second half of the performance was marred by an unpleasant incident. As a result, she was compelled to go to the doctors.
Беременная девушка Ивана Жидкова получила травму

For more than a year and a half, the 33-year-old actor Ivan Zhidkov found with Lilia Solovieva. In early July it became known that the actor and his fiancee are preparing for the replenishment of the family. More recently a second half of a men isn’t hiding the changes in her figure. Lily shares in social networks photos in which clearly visible to her rounded belly.

Solovyov recently spoke about an embarrassing incident happened to her the other day. Walking with your beloved pet-Don Moudon, a young woman was injured. Lily threw the stick to the animal and saw that close to her feet is the strap for the dog. “All ten feet of leash like sandpaper on the leg…” – said fiancee Zhidkova.

As a result, the girl of popular actor was forced to go to a medical facility. Now she’s recovering from the incident. Doctors put Lily to rest.

“Noble don-Moudon and doctor, leg pain. Never, remember, never threaten to South Central and you don’t mess with sores, wounds and abrasions. Midnight in the emergency room and now the diapers, diapers and nipples, I got practice with the bandages, cotton pads and antiseptics”, – told the fiancee of a popular artist.

Followers of Lily wished her a speedy recovery and advised to be attentive to their condition. “Take care of yourself. It is now for you the most important thing”, “Get well soon”, “Here’s the don-Moudon”, – they discussed.

By the way, the other day charming pet girl Ivan Zhidkova was a year old. In his microblog touching Lily fell in love with a pet. Solovyov also said that nothing to worry about, like don Moudon will belong to the future baby.

“Of course, the dog is hemorrhoids, and hemorrhoids not strong enough to stay in my home for him… But my heart when I’m gone all day, it hurts… And suddenly he wants to use the toilet? And suddenly what has he eaten? What if he misses? Or, God forbid, crying there alone? And suddenly he ran out of water? And suddenly he’s afraid of thunderstorms? And suddenly he was somewhere stuck? And so on… of Course, his life will soon change… Appears man who, most likely, eventually it will mount. I hope we won’t run into jealousy problems!” – said Lily in one of the social networks.