Антон Гусев отметил день рождения с Викторией Романец. ФОТО Former members of telestroke continue to intrigue fans. Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet try not to comment on rumors about their reunion, however, the “StarHit” has learned that the reality star spent the evening in Moscow.
Антон Гусев отметил день рождения с Викторией Романец. ФОТО

On July 21, former participant of “House-2” Anton Gusev said your birthday. The man was 28 years old. On this occasion, he decided to have dinner in one of restaurants of the capital. As it turned out, the reality star celebrated the important date with Victoria romanet.

In the microblog Guseva appeared several commercials, which he captured the evening in the gourmet restaurant. The faces of those who came to congratulate him, Anton chose to hide, wanting to keep the intrigue.

“The beginning. I’m 28. I can not believe”, – says the man in Instagram.
Антон Гусев отметил день рождения с Викторией Романец. ФОТО

The correspondent of the “StarHit” witnessed the gala dinner on the occasion of the birthday of Anton Gusev and made a few shots confirming that he met with Victoria romanet. Former members of telestroke not hesitated to publicly demonstrate their feelings.

Антон Гусев отметил день рождения с Викторией Романец. ФОТО

Apparently, Anton and Victoria spend time together in the cultural capital, despite the fact that tend not to advertise their reunion. Earlier in social networks there were pictures of couples who decided not to comment. In an interview with “StarHit” romanet said that the photos, which caused heated discussion among fans of telestroke captured by other people.

Romanet and Gusev was reunited in Saint Petersburg

Антон Гусев отметил день рождения с Викторией Романец. ФОТО“I don’t give reviews. When I want to, I can definitely tell. And the pictures that spread on the Network… So it’s not us,” said romanet in an interview with “StarHit”.

By the way, if romanet regularly publishes footage of their leisure time, Gusev, on the contrary, seeks not to attract too much attention to its location, and some positions altogether closed comments.

Recall that stars telestroke planned to legalize their relationship, but at the last moment decided to cancel the celebration. After parting romanet was generous in expressions in the address of a former lover. “I invested 500 thousand in the wedding party, then had to pay 200 for a restaurant, but Anton did not find them. I can call Anton Alfons. He never paid for the house, and I bought him everything, including jerseys and shorts. He took a good car, but nothing was given to me in return,” said the brunette “StarHit”.