The “gang” showdown in St. Petersburg, provoked a scandal on the Network

«Бандитская» разборка в Петербурге спровоцировала скандал в Сети Blogger Yuri Khovanskii said that he was attacked by the producer Kirill Kalashnikov, who allegedly unfair deals. The Internet star has made it clear that he intends to defend his version of the events. At the same time, Kalashnikov, on the contrary, denied all charges.
«Бандитская» разборка в Петербурге спровоцировала скандал в Сети

Day after day, has been simmering scandal that erupted late last week in St. Petersburg. 27-year-old video blogger Yuri Khovanskii said he was the victim of an assault after a late finished the shooting of his project. In the night from Saturday to Sunday between the young man and producer blogersha Association “opinion Leaders” Kirill Kalashnikov was a conflict.

A few hours before the incident, the opponent videoblogger called my co-worker Oleg ham busy filming Yuri Khovanskii, and required (according to others, were asked) to talk with the star of the Internet. However, he refused dialogue with Cyril, because they didn’t get along with each other.

Three hours and thirty minutes of the night, when the work came to an end, to the place of filming arrived Kalashnikov and his bodyguard, a six-foot man. The producer claims that had to pick up his ward Oleg of Ham, but according to Yury Khovansky, his opponent purposely came to the site to deal with it.

«Бандитская» разборка в Петербурге спровоцировала скандал в Сети

Between the Kalashnikov and Khovansky verbal altercation ensued (each party gives a different version of who started the conflict). As reported by Yuri, a producer with a companion followed him and his friend Andrei Fedotov to the car. After Khovanskii was inside, they started hitting the car with their feet and tore off the handle of one of the doors. Protecting the vehicle which belonged to him, friend of Yuri used pepper spray.

Then between the conflicting sides scuffle ensued. To the scene came the crew, to drive out Kalashnikov and his companion. Oleg Hamov, actor extras, went with them.

Renowned video blogger witnessed your injury (doctors have suspected Khovanskii closed cherepno-a brain trauma) and went to the police, but law enforcement officials did not immediately agreed to understand his situation. According to Yuri, they advised him to solve the problem of “on-street”. Khovanskii recorded a video and posted it on YouTube to attract the attention of the public.

«Бандитская» разборка в Петербурге спровоцировала скандал в Сети

At the moment the police checks information about the conflict with the participation of Yuri. According to the Kalashnikov, Moscow itself provoked aggression, allowing himself rude and offensive remarks about his mother. In conversation with blogger Nikolay Sobolev, the resident of St. Petersburg has justified his actions saying that supposedly said the producer. “Some words were dropped that we’ll be back,” says Khovanskii. So he decided to bring the demolition to the end.

According to Yury Khovansky, he intends to prove the guilt of the famous producer. In his video blogger has shared his suspicions about the fact that Kirill Kalashnikov unfair business leads, intimidating figures of the Internet. According Khovanskii, producer allegedly assaulted staff, threatened with weapons and strongly pressed. Yuri also said that the producer for a long time now “terrorizing” him.

«Бандитская» разборка в Петербурге спровоцировала скандал в Сети“I’m gonna sue for months on end, spend all deferred to the penthouse money, but it will put him in jail. People like Kalashnikov should not be free to walk the earth: they need to be treated in a mental hospital or kept in prison. If you are working with a Kalashnikov, you should think about the way he conducts business, and are you ready for such a meeting in the alley, if your interests suddenly go against his interests. And Cyril himself for me goes to the position of the Noise – if I see him coming toward me, shoot him in the knee. Now, without in trauma – nowhere,” said Khovanskii.

In turn, Kalashnikov denies the allegations Khovanskii and argues that they are not true. The war of words between blogger and producer continued in social networks.

«Бандитская» разборка в Петербурге спровоцировала скандал в Сети“Dear Mr liar Yuri, you are so much afraid of me that they are trying to come up with some crazy stories to attract attention. This is to ensure that I have not touched? Jura, if you somebody been raped or beat, you should know that it’s not me. You the being for the sake of protecting his hopeless personality ready to frame and hang any noodles, only to stay right. (…) All your proof and reasoning are filled with insanity and tightly drunken alcohol logic. (…) The enemies you have a lot more than me,” said the man.

The resulting scandal has provoked active discussion on the Internet. Each party are both supporters and opponents. While some users of social networks stand up for Khovanskii, while others speak out in support of a Kalashnikov.

«Бандитская» разборка в Петербурге спровоцировала скандал в Сети
«Бандитская» разборка в Петербурге спровоцировала скандал в Сети