Жена Павла Грудинина хочет обжаловать решение суда о разводе The world court Babushkinsky district of Moscow today annulled the marriage of Paul and Irina Grudinina. In contrast to the former spouse, the politician at the meeting did not appear. Irina Grudinina not agree with the decision and plans to file an appeal.
Жена Павла Грудинина хочет обжаловать решение суда о разводе

“I learned about the divorce of SMS” — recently said the politician’s wife. And today her marriage with Pavel Grudinina was officially terminated. Not saved nor spouse of 37 years of life together and two children. “Nine years ago he left for another woman,” — said Irina Igorevna.

In the courtroom itself Grudinin did not come, but his representatives has accused the former spouse’s policy of deliberately creating hype around divorce proceedings, which, apparently, the 57-year-old Director of “Sovkhoz Lenin” wanted to keep secret.

“This case is not ordinary, and publications that appear in the media, upsetting the plaintiff and trying to discredit his name. The press, present at the trial, aims to take control of personal life Grudinina,” — said the lawyer of the businessman of Svetlana Smirnova.
Жена Павла Грудинина хочет обжаловать решение суда о разводе

The lawyers insisted to make the meeting is partially closed, but their request was not granted. Unlike the former husband, Irina Grudinina was present at the meeting, but was unhappy with the decision. So, her lawyer Elena Boytsova said that they are considering an appeal.

“The judge issued a decision on divorce Grudinina Pavel Nikolaevich and the Grudinina Irina Igorevna. We can say that the family life of this couple come to an end, although I can’t say that we won’t appeal this decision”, — said Elena Boytsova.

Now former spouses will have to divide marital property, and wealth have accumulated a lot Grudinina. During the election campaign in 2018, the CEC found the Paul N. more than ten accounts in Swiss banks amounting to about 55 million rubles. The politician also owns shares in different companies, vehicles and real estate.

“His income is much more than the amount declared. I even know the sources of these revenues,” admitted the ex-wife of a politician.

Irina Grudinina no secret that for many years she had to put up with multiple infidelities of her husband. However, the couple wanted to keep the family together.

According to “360”, Irina I. did not want to divorce. However, now that the case went to trial, the woman intends to fight for their rights and a fair division of jointly acquired property.