Супруга Константина Хабенского удивила выходом в свет после родов Olga Litvinova decided to support her husband to film premieres. In early June, the wife of the famous artist gave him a daughter Alexandra. A few months the couple did not appear at social events together.

      Супруга Константина Хабенского удивила выходом в свет после родов

      In early June, a famous actor Konstantin Habensky and his wife Olga Litvinova became the parents of a charming daughter. For a newborn baby are the happy parents chose the name Alexander. During the first months of baby’s life, the actress went on maternity leave in order to devote himself to the care of the girl. Litvinov left social events to fully enjoy motherhood. However, the wife of the famous actor decided to support her husband at the premiere of the movie “the Collector”.

      A woman appeared in the cinema hall, but most of the time spent not in the company Knightley. Until Constantine posed for the cameras on the red carpet, Olga kept among numerous guests of the premiere, but did not go unnoticed by journalists.

      For the release of Litvinov gave preference to a translucent light blouse, which she picked up the pants and light shoes with high heels. Despite the fact that the dress was not as form-fitting, fans noticed that after giving birth, the actress gets Dobermann form. Apparently, now, when little Alexander a little older, spouses can leave the daughter for a short time to spend the evening together.

      Knightley and Litvinov were preparing for the birth of his daughter. In addition to all the basic necessities for the first days of your baby’s life, they have also improved their living conditions. The couple bought an apartment in a luxury residential complex on the 15th floor with an area of 140 squares and cost about 70 million rubles. The house has round the clock security. On the first three floors are a clinic, a kindergarten, a swimming pool and a beauty salon. Rise in the apartment tenants in the “smart” elevators – apply the key, and he brings in the right place. Before buying a new home, the actor sold a three-pointer at the Vernadsky Prospekt, where I lived for many years.