Азиза поделилась неизвестными деталями убийства Игоря Талькова The singer spoke in detail about the fatal evening, when there was the idol of millions. Aziz admitted that she acted in a moment of conflict with the participation of Igor Talkova instinctively, being in a state of shock.

      Азиза поделилась неизвестными деталями убийства Игоря Талькова

      Next week fans of Igor Talkova will gather at the Vagankovskoye cemetery, where are buried the singer to remember the sorrowful date. 6 October 1991, the favorite of millions did not. The artist was murdered with a pistol shot in Saint-Petersburg in sports Palace “Yubileyny”, where he was to participate.

      In the Studio of “live” gathered near a popular singer, to recollect about what happened that fateful night. Singer Aziz’s bodyguard and beloved man whom Igor Malakhov has long been the Prime suspect in the murder, spoke in detail about their experiences.

      We will remind, after carrying out a series of examinations in April 1992, the investigation revealed that the fatal shot did Valery Shlyafman Director Talkov. According to media reports, he later fled to Israel, and the case was suspended. Aziz told that because of the actions Shlyafmana she subsequently lost the baby.

      “Hearing the screams, the roar and gunshots, I’m not yet dressed, wearing a hat and jacket and run out into the hallway and see a picture: is Igor Malakhov, around him three or four guys, and from his head a fountain gushing blood. As it turned out, someone hit hard on the head. Seeing this situation as a loving woman and mother of our unborn child, I ran and chest fell on him. I close his bleeding head with a jacket. He began to kick, and at this moment somebody, it was Valera Shlyafman and he kicked me in the stomach. I howled. He was beaten by Igor Malakhov and accidentally hit me,” he told Aziz about that dramatic moment, after which terminated her pregnancy.
      Азиза поделилась неизвестными деталями убийства Игоря Талькова

      The fruit of love Aziza and Igor Malakhov and failed to save the doctors. The recognition of stars, her hair turned white in the hospital when she learned that won’t be able to become a mother. It was a terrible day in the life of the singer.

      Reverting to the fateful day of the murder of Igor Talkov, in the Studio of “live” Aziz admitted that to see anything in the room where the shot was fired, it was very difficult. The room was covered with a cloud of acrid smoke from the gas gun. However, the singer managed to figure out what’s going on.

      “I looked up and saw Shlyafmana. And he saw me and ran to his dressing room. I rushed after him. I look, he runs with the gun in his hand. He runs back and the girls that were there, holding the door so I couldn’t go to break. I knock the door, anticipating, and he was near the toilet barrel. And the gun is already lying there! I take this gun, go out with him from the dressing room. Me my Ale, my Director, and said: “Aziz, what are you talking about?” And I give her the gun, because they are in a state of shock,” he finished the story of Aziz.