Алла Михеева разочаровала Илью Авербуха на съемках шоу The producer of the program “Ice age” is dissatisfied with work of the journalist. Alla Mikheeva became the new host of the famous transmission. Replacing Irina Slutskaya. Ilya Averbukh hopes that over time, the girl settled into this role and cope with their responsibilities.

      Very soon on the First channel starts a new season favorite of millions of audience of the program “Ice age”. Viewers will see stars of stage, film and theatre, ice-skating, and pairs of them will be famous skaters.

      However, the first recording of the program has already managed to disappoint one of the main trainers and the producers of the show Ilya Averbuch. As it turned out, he did not like the work of the leading programs of Alla Mikheeva. The man was expecting more from the work of the journalist.

      “First, she, imbued with respect and compassion to the guys who tried, studied rooms, overcame the excitement, moved to General questions. Asked the guys: “How are you doing?” “How are you feeling?” and so on. I don’t need. In the process I had to guide her, to talk, to analyze mistakes,” said Averbukh.

      The journalist appeared in the show instead of Irina Slutskaya who for a long time was the undisputed leading show and brilliantly coped with their duties. And the filming of the first episodes of the new season the main producer of the program had all the time to send micheev in the right direction to get exactly what he expects from her work. Averbukh was also unhappy with the fact that Alla has not yet managed to find contact with his co-host Alexei Yagudin.

      However, the famous figure skater and coach in the show “Ice age” hopes that the earth will eventually understand how to run properly in the air. Ilya Averbukh believes that in a few episodes of Alla completely drawn into the transmission format and will enjoy excellent results. Moreover, the producer makes a discount on a strong emotion to the presenter, which prevented her from revealing all his eloquence to demonstrate the ability to converse with the participants of the show. Moreover, he noticed that she Mikheev tried to take into account all their mistakes, so as not to arouse anger at the management of the program.

      “I know that she just took a clear atmospheric interview with the participants after the speech. Alla Koroleva “sharp” story, questions that unsettle and reveal the person on the other side. This is what I expect and want from it”, – shared his requirements Averbukh in conversation with the publication Life.ru.