Дана Борисова снялась в романтической фотосессии с возлюбленным The TV presenter shared the happy moments with Alexander Morozov on the social network. Dana Borisova and her choice is a touching look at each other and hug. Probably, these frames are a gift that presenter had prepared her man’s birthday.

      On the eve of the beloved Dana Borisova Alexander Morozov celebrated his birthday. The presenter could not miss this event. In their social networks the woman posted a few shots with one. In the caption to a black and white shot, she left wishes for the man she loved.

      “Dear Sasha, you’re my hockey player and producer. Happy Birthday to you! Always stay strong, successful and healthy! Let your star friends will never betray you, the woman is worthy, and children respect and honor such a father,” said Dana.

      The photos of Dana gently embracing Alexander, while they wait together from school, the daughter of TV presenter Pauline Aksenov. Later the “sweet couple”, as he calls himself star and producer, joined by her successor. Shots turned out warm and bright. Fans of the TV presenter was delighted.

      “So you happy”, “Romantic photo”, “You are so feminine, so cute! You really are tied-back hair!”, “The perfect couple”, “With this man you look amazing! Love to you and respect!”, – wrote followers Borisova.

      By the way, the footage seen a car that not so long ago Morozov gave his beloved woman. The premium car is characterized by high comfort and safety during travel Borisova and her daughter Pauline were not threatened. The presenter was pleased with the gift. “The year was very difficult for me. I don’t want to think about death, divorce… to Me, Sasha is good, nice, and his actions today — very happy, because this was not me a thousand years. As he explained to me, after three months from the date of meeting,” – said Dana Borisova “StarHit”.

      Frost and Borisov are celebrating a birthday over the weekend in a narrow range. The TV presenter loves to spend time in clubs where you can sing karaoke. Recently, she took Pauline, who was supposed to perform on stage. However, the girl became shy, and had to take the rap for it. Borisova sang a popular song of Natasha Koroleva-Yellow tulips.” Dana Borisova is leading the heir to Nightclubs