Алексей Панин делает ремонт для бывшей жены The actor wants to give an updated apartment ex-wife. Alexey Panin suffers without his beloved, whom he wanted to share life in a cozy family nest. Movie star dreams of a happy future.

      Алексей Панин делает ремонт для бывшей жены

      The family of Alexei Panin and his wife Lyudmila did not last long. The Union of the actor and his lady collapsed in front of the entire country. But to forget the woman the star of the screen did not come out. After a series of short novels Alex came back to the idea that only Ludmila can brighten up his everyday life.

      In order to show beloved the full depth of their feelings and the seriousness of, Panin decided to make a noble gesture. Alex set out to carry out repairs in the apartment and give it to Ludmilla. The artist does not lose hope that they updated home with his wife re-light the family hearth, this time for good.

      “I have long lived there. When we were together with my wife, then I rented another apartment. After the divorce, I lived in Leningrad and was looking for my daughter that I took her mother, Julia Udintsev. After I returned the daughter, and again began to work, I started to make repairs. I hope that things will get better soon and my wife will come back. I want to give it back to her apartment. I wish she knew that, no matter what happens in life, she has a place to live,” admitted “StarHit” actor.
      Алексей Панин делает ремонт для бывшей жены

      Panin admits that now his life consists of traveling. Basically he lives in trains and hotels on the road. Earning by hard work on the bread, Alex invests all available funds to repair the family nest.

      “I’m doing this for his wife. For Lucy. My apartment a little repairing. I wish my wife had an apartment,” adds the artist.

      Алексей Панин делает ремонт для бывшей жены

      I wonder what Lyudmila is not followed response to the words of Alexis. It seems that the woman is thinking. Therefore, Panin remains the only publicly beg for her forgiveness and dreaming about the common bright future.

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      “I want one last time to apologize for all the pain I’ve caused you and your loved ones. For the photos posted VC. I’m sorry! It was pain and despair. From impending doom! If you came back, you would never regret it. I would have done for you. I would probably the whole world would be able to flip over if you were nearby! We could leave. We have a small apartment. Your apartment is. We would do the repair and you lived. I have worked with. I have now everything is getting better. If only you came back…” – said Panin in the period of despair.