The wife of footballer Pavel Mamayev blackmailed erotic dirt

Супругу футболиста Павла Мамаева шантажируют эротическим компроматом The choice of the sportsman is outraged by the actions of the criminals that hacked into her mobile phone and email. Alan Mamayev said that hackers require a large amount of money in the amount of several thousand dollars.

      Not so long ago the network appeared the intimate photos wife midfielder “Krasnodar” Pavel Mamaev Alans. The hackers not only released candid shots of a young woman, but has said it is ready to sell got at their disposal the materials, which had videos of an erotic nature, for a large sum of money.

      Alan Mamayev recently got in touch with the subscribers of his microblog to share the details of the incident. The wife of the athlete does not hide that it is appalled by the recent events.

      “I hacked everything: telephone, mail. I don’t know how I got hacked?! Maybe if I explained it, I understood how… Me in the mail threatening letters. “I have all the truth,” wrote someone to me. I would, of course, a lot read, but there is profanity. Let these people you will find!” told Alan during the live broadcast on the social network.

      According to Mamaev, she extorted money in the amount of 20 thousand dollars. But the cybercriminals ‘ demands do not end there. “And then interest every month from the salary. To change the number is useless, because they still write constantly. They say that’ll leave us alone… That will now haunt us for a lifetime. They are all hacked,” shared a young woman.

      Husband Alans Paul supports her in this very difficult situation. Mamaev asked the beloved not to focus on the actions. “I Pasha says, “come on. Let it spread, what of it?” – said the footballer’s wife.

      The wife of the athlete also does not exclude the possibility that in the near future, the Internet can once again be her erotic pictures. “I told you the whole truth. Wait for the news. If soon something will, you know, it’s all a Scam…” – with these words, Alan turned to the subscribers.

      Recall that the materials from the personal archive of a young woman was posted online in early April. First, the hackers issued a “naked” selfie lady sports stars, and then posted her pictures with her husband of an erotic nature.