The heiress Valeria Gai Germanicus is taking its first steps

Наследница Валерии Гай Германики делает первые шаги  A young mother shared with fans a touching video. On the record can be considered as Severina trying to go without the support of adults. Valeria Gai Germanika delighted with the success of the daughter.

      Almost a year ago, the famous Director Valeria Gai Germanicus gave birth to a girl. Star loves the baby and tries to teach her everything as quickly as possible. For example, now the woman with the eldest daughter of Octavia put Severin on the legs. The heiress of a celebrity is only beginning to take the first steps yourself. In the video, which was shared with followers on Instagram Germanicus, you can see how worried and tries tiny. Close support baby: stretch arms, back, praise.

      Valeria was accompanied by a video with the words “Wound up with a boost” and added the hashtag “let’s go.” The Director, known for scandalous pictures, surprised many followers gentle communication with her daughter. It helps to have a favorite: “Come, my sweet, come! Do not hurry, take your time. Sevochka, my good man!” – said the blonde girl.

      Admirers of Germanicus could not leave the publication of idol’s attention. They wrote many admiring posts in the comments. Users of the social network admitted that did not expect that Severin can go a few meters without the aid of seniors. They also praised the children’s efforts and courage.

      “Class! Well done girl!” “Long gone? Umnichka you!”, “That’s crazy!”, “How fast children grow up, no matter how corny it sounded…”, “Good girl! Swifty!”, “As soon flee! Mom manage to catch!”, “Hurrah! I congratulate you!” – said in Instagram fans of the Director.

      We have to admit that Valeria is one of those stars who rarely exhibited photographs from the family archive on display. The woman tries not to dwell on his personal life. However, sometimes it still takes heiresses to glamorous events and also shares details of joint activities. Previously Germanicus told followers how much he loves girls. The star also confessed that they inspire her to create new projects and give the courage to realize the most daring ideas.

      Interestingly, the eldest daughter of Octavia grows a real mother’s helper. She tries to help her mother in the home and in the care of a small Severina. Also, she has repeatedly starred in music videos and even received royalties for his work. Thanks to the advice of Valerie, she donated all the money to charity – the funds were spent on the decoration with flowers of the temple in honor of the Annunciation.