Жена Дональда Трампа подала в суд на The Daily Mail

Melania trump, wife of the odious policy of Donald trumprunning for President of the United States of America, has filed a lawsuit against the Daily Mail, and the blogger by Webster Griffin Tarpley for what they told about her past, in particular on the classes of escort (escort models wealthy clients, which is often confused with prostitution).

“Melania has filed a lawsuit against Mail Media, Inc., owns a newspaper The Daily Mail against the blogger Webster G. Tarpley for the fact that earlier this year they have made statements that 100% composed of lies and damaging her personal and professional reputation” — reads the statement of the representative of Mrs. trump, Charles Harder. In damages Melania requires the court to recover from offenders $ 150 million.

“The act of The Daily Mail was vile, despicable, premeditated, vicious and humiliating” — explained the lawyer Melania such a huge amount of compensation.
Recall that Donald, the representative of the Republican party is the main rival Hillary Clinton, a representative from the democratic forces.
Recently, the ratings of trump began to fall sharply due to his outrageous and often stupid statements. An indirect accusation of his wife, which potentially could be the first lady, prostitution does not add to his votes.