Бекхэм бросил свою любимую
Media reported about the finale of “love story”

Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz

Photo: Splash News/East news

As it became known, senior
the son of Victoria Beckham – Brooklyn, threw his girlfriend, 19-year-old actress Chloe
Moretz. On why he decided to part the lovers, applications until
followed. However, according to gossip, the cause of the breakup was the “geographical
factor. The fact that Brooklyn with his family lives most of the time in London
and Chloe is in Los Angeles. Where it removed a lot. And to Moretz
put up with it. However, with the development of their relationship, she had
hope that Brooklyn if not moving permanently to America, it will be at least
spending more time here. But during his recent visit
Los Angeles, the son Victoria gave the girl to understand that he did not intend anything
change in my life – at least in the near future…this was told
a reporter of the British newspaper “The Sun”.

This turn of events was
complete surprise to all. Because the relationship of Chloe and Brooklyn looked even
recently absolutely idyllic. Roman young Moretz and Beckham have experienced
two “rounds”. They began Dating in 2014, but then their flirting was
fleeting, Brooklyn soon broke up with her and had an affair with another young
beautiful 17 year old Sonia Ben Ammar who labored in the modeling business. But
earlier this year Brooklyn got back to Chloe.

It seemed that they were completely
happy together. At the same time, young people did not think to hide their feelings to each
. In one of his interviews that
the actress gave in the spring of this year, Moretz said: “Yes, we’re Dating. I don’t
going to keep it a secret. Because I know that the less people
trying to hide their relationship, the less they attract undue curiosity

All this time Chloe and Brooklyn are not
tired to publicly praise each other, and seemed so in love that
all expected — from day to day be announced their engagement. Claimed and
the parents of young people approved of their relationship and had nothing against further
development of the novel. However, perhaps all is not lost. Maybe Brooklyn and
Chloe still find the solution to your issues and make peace…