Дочь певца Данко с ДЦП попала в больницу

More two years ago the singer Danko and his civil wife Natalia became the parents of a special child.

Their daughter Agatha was born with two diagnoses is polikistoz of the brain and cerebral palsy.

Since the birth of daughter the couple is fighting for her life, though to them it is extremely difficult.

Treatment and maintenance of girls requires a lot of money as a physical/moral, and material.

Danko and Natalie have to rely mainly on their strength, because after the birth of a special child from the pair has turned many of their friends and acquaintances. What can I say – even the mother of the perpetrator was strongly opposed to Agatha grew up in the family of her son.

Danko is the only breadwinner in the family, but also refuses the help of other organizations and individuals.

Thanks to them, the girl was treated in the Czech Republic, and recently went to rehab to Anapa, where it has been a very unpleasant incident, and she was in the hospital.

The baby drank the sea water that caused the poisoning: “Agusha, drank in the sea water… more 22 August. Started: vomiting, diarrhea, fever, refusal to eat,the sleepless nights, the drugs — we almost missed the first half of the course!!! But that’s not all. Agusha started acute pain in the abdomen and one of the dads of such children, Alex, took us with Agarikon and pediatrician of course in Anapa, in the hospital, 55 km away, where a pediatric surgeon was not and we were directed to Novorossiysk, in 50 km from Anapa, with suspicion or appendicitis or volvulus. And now, we lie in the children’s surgical Department of the Novorossiysk hospital. The mixture did x-rays, ultrasound, blood tests, an enema (after which she sharply poluchala), injection of antispasmodic and drip. The strength she has not left, and lost to the same… But today I woke up in a good mood! I hope we will soon go home!!!”

I hope baby will be OK and her health the trip will end safely.