Джеки Чан получит «Оскар» за заслуги в кинематографе

Chinese actor Jackie Chan, the undisputed action hero will receive the “Oscar” for achievements in film. Hand the award in November this year in Los Angeles. Over the same merit will be awarded to the Directors frédéric Weisman, Lynn Starmaster and editor Annie Coates.

“In the industry these people have become true legends and we are happy to celebrate their achievement with this award” — reads the statement of the President of the American Academy Cheryl Isaacs Ban.
At 62, Jackie Chan remains one of the most well-known action hero in the world. During his long career he demonstrated his combat skills in more than 100 films. In addition to militants 62-year-old actor starred in the comedies that he is doing well as well. It is noteworthy that the fight scenes Chan puts on their own. For the work Jackie has already received his own star on the walk of fame in Hollywood.