Oleg Gazmanov gave her son an unusual gift

Олег Газманов подарил сыну необычный подарок

While some star parents indulge their children with expensive super cars, branded clothes and trips to the most exotic places on the planet, singer of the hit “Clear days” Oleg Gazmanov decided to go a slightly different route.

The singer gave son Philip a very special gift. The technique, which certainly can not boast of any one of his peers.

Gazmanov bought for my son “not major” tractor.

“No “Mercedes” and BMW. Bought him a tractor, to plow and sow,” — said Oleg.

Despite the originality of the gift, Philip, it seems, was satisfied. At least now the question arises: where Philip is going to use his new technique?

By the way, now Oleg Gazmanov preparing for trial, which will involve the prohibition of his entry into the territory of Lithuania and Latvia.

The Russian artist has filed a lawsuit in the European court of human rights: “I love Lithuania, I like the people in this country. Therefore, I believe that incident should be reassigned from the political to the civil and legal. I want our government helped me to find the right lawyer and make a claim. Because I cant do it alone. I’m not a lawyer”.

According to Gazmanov, the border of Latvia (which are banned Oleg cross the border) had no legal basis, because in Jurmala it has a flat: “I bought in Jurmala apartment at the time. Now I was not allowed in my own house. Well, if they believe they have that right, then let me return the money I spent for this apartment. And let them be accountable not in front of me, and before the court,” – said Gazmanov.