Жена Дмитрия Диброва стала певицей
Polina Dibrova decided to pursue a singing career.

Polina and Dmitry Dibrovy

Photo: personal archive

Wife permanent presenter of “Who wants to be a millionaire?”
Dmitry Dibrova and the mother of his three sons Polina Dibrova decided, the housewife — not for
her. While the husband works on television, and children are engaged in mugs,
engaged his cherished dream — to go into professional singing. Pauline
enrolled in music school, where under the guidance of professionals taught her

“Started my singing life. Never could sing, but always wanted. Never too late to start a happy childhood,” says Dibrova.

star showbiz had published a photograph of the famous singer Anna Rudneva. Apparently, she will help
Pauline to master this difficult skill. Under the fans Dibrova
immediately began to talk to the big stage. “Don’t need you on stage. Even
if you are told that you will succeed, believe me, you will be better. You
you will find yourself professionally in a different niche,” wrote one of the well-wishers
Polina. And some wrote that to sing is impossible to learn: talent or
there or it is not.

By the way, recently the Wife of Dmitry Dibrova Polina
surprised fans a very revealing photoshoot. Mother of many children staged
erotic shooting pool, having the opportunity to fully
to demonstrate her perfect swimsuit figure. Naughty pictures caused
fans of the young wife Dibrova excitement. It is known that Pauline a lot of time
dedicated care for your body. She not only spends long hours in
the gym, but watching some of the dishes is her diet.