Бывший бойфренд Тейлор Свифт нашел способ ей отмстить
Calvin Harris changes one girlfriend after another.

Бывший бойфренд Тейлор Свифт нашел способ ей отмстить

Taylor swift and Calvin Harris

Photo: Legion-media

Taylor swift Tom Hiddleston

Photo: Legion-media

a recent party held at the home of friends living in Los Angeles,
ex-boyfriend Taylor swift Calvin Harris was spotted with a new hottie.
The couple flirted unashamedly with other guests, and at the end
the party departed in an unknown direction, holding hands. This
the story was published the Internet site people.com.

I like Kevin, 26-year-old Asa Gonzales, a well — known person in Hollywood. Model and actress, which predict a brilliant career. To Harris first met with
Cristiano Ronaldo, then with actor Liam Hemsworth.

as for Harris, since, as he threw Taylor swift, it’s like
decided to prove to everyone that without it it is even better. See it constantly with
a smile on my face. And over the past three months he changed no longer one
girlfriend. So, just before exploring the Asa Calvin having fun in
the company AU pair boy tafadzwa Alan singer of songs in the genre of Rhythm & Blues. So Harris struggled pretends that it is the best way.

indeed, friends of Harris said that Calvin had a very hard experienced a breakup with swift. He felt terribly humiliated when it was revealed,
Taylor, even when she was listed as his girlfriend, I started Dating with actor Tom Hiddleston. So the fun” Harris
really flashy. As for his new girls, he gets not
too desired having an affair with a single purpose — to take revenge on his ex