Лучше один раз увидеть: Басков поет в костюме морского царя

The Golden voice of Russia again excelled on the stage of “New wave”.

Nikolay Baskov seems to have decided to consolidate the title of the most shocking artist ever to be presented at the festival “New wave”. Just a year ago the entire Internet was discussing the tiger costume, which the singer appeared on creative evening of Valery Leontiev. The current performance at New Wave Hall in Sochi again caused a storm of emotions. The actor came on stage in the costume of Neptune!

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A painted blue paint the chest, a sea of sequins, webbed fingers… the Song “You, sailor, I’m a sailor” artist sang into the microphone, made in the form of a sea horse!

“The last time I lifted the bar the tiger, this year simply could not disappoint the viewer and appear in ordinary clothes. It’s “New wave”! Abs was removed from me, that’s the shell I slightly increased the something to hide!” – said after the speech, the Golden voice of Russia and then went backstage to wash up.

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Then Nicholas went to the hotel to rest after the show. And no wonder. The artist now hot time – all the forces of the Basque spent preparing a new show in the Kremlin on 7 and 8 October. By the way, wanting to visit it so much that the organizers even had to negotiate another concert – 9 Oct.

Basque itself says that the new program will be just stunning. Some costumes are worth!

“The creation of my outfits does Valentin Yudashkin. To otsypatsya they will in France, by the way, the designers who prepare the costumes for “Game of thrones” – a secret told journalists at Woman’s Day singer.

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By the way

With the tiger costume Nikolai Baskov at the “New wave 2015” can compete except that the dress of the samurai of Philip Kirkorov.

Bright kimono red hair in braids and mask on his head. In this costume the king of Russian pop stars appeared on stage to present his new song “Indigo”.

Лучше один раз увидеть: Басков поет в костюме морского царяSergey Shnurov
Dima Bilan

But Dima Bilan and the Cord last year, by contrast, were not going to focus on appearance, but they still did it. It so happened that the artists appeared on the platform of the New Wave Hall at the same time and almost in the same costume (read more HERE).