Мошенники наживаются на груди Бородиной

Speculators, on behalf of the presenter advertise enlargement cream ladies ‘ charms.

To what Borodin constantly flooding your page in the social network advertising posts, her followers have long been accustomed. The girl regularly talks about makeup, clothes, food, naming specific brand and company. Not free, of course. But as it turned out, your name earns not only the Borodin, but cunning scammers. Recently in the Internet appeared the advertisement of a cream for breast enlargement, which allegedly used the Xenia.

Advertising in social networks has become one of the lucrative sources of domestic celebrities. The cost of one post with a reference to a specific brand sometimes is hundreds of thousands of rubles and depends on the number of subscribers (READ more HERE). However, there are also those who do not want to pay the stars, moreover, uses their pictures without their knowledge. Some go even further and create a fake (fake) accounts with similar name, with duplicate images of the original pages. And among the blocks happy family life unobtrusive publish false advertising. An inexperienced user may not even notice the substitution, naively believing that it is on this page celebrities. So, one of the network clones Ksenia Borodina recently posted on the page is the cream for breast enlargement. Posting two photos “before” and “after”, the scammer on behalf of the TV presenter told a sentimental story about his plastic surgery.

“Girls, I am constantly plagued by the PM with questions about breast augmentation, etc. YES, I had surgery for breast enlargement, but that’s not all! The doctor prescribed me the procedure after that, the chest are elastic and even added a bit in volume. Special cream for Breasts, if I’d known about it earlier, it is unlikely that would lie to the surgeon. The essence of the cream that it smeared 2 weeks, in my opinion, and the chest adds about 1.5 in size, and becomes toned and elastic. I personally enjoyed the result. And the perfect amount of volume and form. To full to PM me with these questions I answer – Yes, this cream actually works. No side effects, etc. If you are unhappy with their bust, order and use it. Then you will thank me for it. In our project all the girls went crazy for this cream. Each uses it,” wrote pseudo-Borodin.

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Further, the con man pointed out the name of this wonder drug. Considering that the fake account over 162 thousand (!) subscribers believe that responding to this is had plenty. Someone in the comments thanked Xenia for the advice, promising to use it. There were those who recognized this is a hoax. By the way, to see through false accounts with false information at times. In this page in “Instagram” in front of nick’s famous user is checked.