Anita Tsoy took on the job of choreographer Beyonce

Анита Цой взяла на работу хореографа Бейонсе

Jose Hollywood, who set the world dancing the stars involved in the show of the Russian artist

Preparing for a new show Anita Tsoy “10/20” is in full swing. The singer says that the audience is waiting for something incredible: sound quality, modern lighting effects, new dances. Along with national experts for the latest responsible have appointed the world famous choreographer Jose of Hollywood, who worked with such stars as Beyonce, J. Lo, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

According to Anita, this show is very important to her, this is her dream. Therefore its creation it has attracted the best specialists, including from abroad. “We have assembled international ballet, beautiful dancers from different countries, and proud of it. Hollywood is staging dances to songs that are close to him in style. The new version of “East” and the song “I was furious!” look like the work of Western artists with whom he worked”. Anita admits that there are no problems in cooperation with josé she does not. “The only thing we waited a long time, Hollywood will be able to find a window in your busy schedule to visit us. The rest is simple. Jose sees talented dancers, ignited along with them. He is the guy is extremely talented and very humble, unpretentious. Eating pizza and hamburgers and no more demands”.

Jose himself admits that in addition to the fast food he was able to taste the dishes of Russian cuisine. “I really liked the pies: with cabbage, egg, potatoes, shares his newfound gastronomic predilections Jose. I also tried a delicious soup, pasties and your salad”.

Anita Tsoy – the first Russian artist, who works in Hollywood. The choreographer says he accepted the offer to collaborate without hesitation. “One of the creative Directors Anita contacted me on the Internet, sent a video of her performances,” says the choreographer. I looked and I really liked it. She has some incredible energy that can be felt even through the screen. It is worth noting how cool it turned into a Beyonce and Tina Turner (on the show “one to One” – approx. Wday). To move, sing, need good preparation. It requires rigorous work. No wonder I agreed to work with her.”

In total Jose put for a show that will be held in Crocus city Hall on October 27 three dances. All of the chips, naturally, he did not disclose. However, he mentioned that one of the dancers will perform in heels.

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