The “mother” of Harry Potter has written three new books about the life at Hogwarts

«Мама» Гарри Поттера написала три новые книги о жизни в Хогвартсе
Fans of Harry Potter have waited premieres of three new works by JK Rowling.

Covers short stories about life in Hogwarts

The Harry Potter fans, rejoice: today is the premiere of three new books about life at Hogwarts. Release date of new works by JK Rowling not chosen by chance: on the books at this time in the famous school of wizards began the new school year.

It should be noted that some fans of the famous franchise can remain a little disappointed with the premiere. We are not talking about a full-fledged books, the latest of which Rowling delighted fans of Harry Potter back in the summer, and short novels.

Three small books are presented in electronic form. In the first of them — “Power, politics and pesky poltergeists” — Rowling will immerse readers in the world of a young Volan de mort. The following novel entitled “Heroism, hardships and dangerous hobby,” dedicated to Minerva McGonagall. And the third story — “Hogwarts: incomplete and unreliable guide” — Joan will reveal the secrets of the school of witchcraft, and introduce readers closer to the famous Hat that determined students to faculties.

Each electronic book has no more than 10 thousand words and, according to Rowling, will forever close the topic about the famous magician. When a book can familiarize the readers from Russia, not yet known. However, Amateur translation will probably appear online soon.

By the way, 2016 was a happy year for fans of Harry Potter. Summer was published the long-awaited continuation of the acclaimed series of books, written in a play — “Harry Potter and the Cursed child”. And very soon on cinema screens will be released film “Fantastic beasts and where they live” is the story offshoot of the main story of Harry Potter.