Жену Андрея Аршавина ждет сразу два судебных разбирательства
Alice claims Arshavina to present the airline and model from Kazakhstan.

Жену Андрея Аршавина ждет сразу два судебных разбирательства

Andrey Arshavin and Alice Kazmina

Photo: Alexander Kurov

Model from Kazakhstan Olga Semenova, who
appeared in the scandal center from-for an evening spent with Andrey Arshavin,
turned to the lawyers and began preparations for the trials with his wife

Shortly before that, Semenov said that in
October last year really spent the night with Andrew, but their acquaintance
limited arms. Closer relations with Arshavin she had what
told on the eve of New year to his wife. However, she never believed a model and alleged
began to threaten her with physical violence.

“First, there was the normal nice conversation, recalls
Olga. The first question was: “What were you doing with my husband
the establishment of the “East”?” I was surprised —as she realized that it was in
the restaurant? The video is very dark, it is not clear where we sat. I wrote:
“Me and your husband have nothing in common and never did. Can
not to worry”. Apparently, it didn’t satisfy my answer, and then my wants
multiple threats. My companion
it was presented by the major of FSB in plain text and pointed out that I just settle drugs
and I’ll sit in jail for it. I gave her back: “In that case, you can jail
half of the girls of Kazakhstan. Where you have so many drugs?”. She wrote
the video was just you, so put you. I did not continue
conversation. But my counterpart did not calm down. She threatened to cut off my fingers
so I hung out and had a good grope of her husband. Although Arshavin I don’t
touched. Even the video shows that he touched me, not I him. Then rained
insults in my address, there was a lot of Mat, “stupid fool” is one of the most

While the ladies are prepared to settle the issue in court
their claims make out in the official view of the representatives of the company “Aeroflot”.
They are outraged by the behavior of Alice and Arshavina staged a scandal on Board the aircraft
flight “Moscow — Alma-ATA”.

We will remind, according to the company, Alice Arshavin,
while on Board the aircraft, tried to transplant a nanny to the salon
business-class, although the ticket purchased, she was sitting in economy.

200 meters to runway wife
player unbuckled the seat belt and the child. And when the
clarify the relationship with the personnel of the aircraft, called himself a major in the FSB. The commander
the crew decided to remove her from the flight.

The actions of the wife of a famous football player in “Aeroflot”
described as a “destructive behavior and disobedience of the crew”.

Olga Semenova

Photo: Instagram.com