Полина Гагарина готовится к первому путешествию с маленькой дочкой
The singer shared that he feels, collecting in the road eight-month-old MIA.

Polina Gagarina

Polina Gagarina preparing for a family holiday. This time,
going to warmer climes, the singer takes with him the youngest daughter MIA, which
was eight months. During the journey, Pauline will also accompany husband
Dmitry Iskhakov and the eldest son Andrew. Of course, you are a star, the decision to take
MIA is a very important and exciting. For advice about what you need
to take traveling with the baby, Gagarin addressed to the subscribers
your microblog.

“I have one day left to leave, — said Pauline. — Slowly
eye twitches back the number of things you need to take to Miuchi! Last
days before the vacation I’m on fire! Just finished shooting, and even a thousand cases, and
how long do I have to collect the suitcases… Thanks for your tips about things for MIA
they really helped me!”

Meanwhile, the husband star, famous photographer Dmitry
Iskhakov, helping his beloved wife to meet, do not forget about their own
preparing for the holiday by the sea. He decided to engage in their own figure to
the beach to be in perfect physical shape. Dmitry said that now a lot
time spent in the gym, adheres to the diet. “Now don’t eat
after six, — said Iskhakov. — To be honest, angry as hell!”