«Идеальную» Веру Брежневу раскритиковали за недостатки фигуры
Fans of the actress unhappy with her appearance.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: @ververa (Instagram Vera Brezhneva)

Vera Brezhnev on the law for several years, he became the sexiest woman in Russia by magazine Maxim. The singer knows all about proper nutrition and effective workouts and not hide that gorgeous appearance is the result of serious daily work. Usually images of Faith, especially half-naked, cause her fans admiration, but today is a demonstration of Faith in good shape over harsh criticism.

Fans expressed dissatisfaction with the appearance of Faith, saying that was too thin and lost all its beauty. This, of course, debatable. Fans exhibit the same tenacity and strongly recommend Brezhneva to gain a few pounds, so she allegedly failed to anorexia. “It is on the brink of all known disease models. It is necessary to take itself in hands”, “Not nice… don’t know old Faith”, “In dress, and swimsuit horror. What legs?”, “Below the belt is not beautiful!” “And where the famous sexy curves? Overdone in losing weight,” the fighting fans of the Faith.

Not so long ago under the “hot hand” blog readers Brezhneva got her husband Konstantin Meladze. Family portrait of the composer with his wife he met online with the criticism. Haters Meladze called “grandfather”, ridiculed the difference in the age of Faith and Constantine.