The wife of a member of the group “Prime Minister” said of the brutal attack

Жена участника группы «Премьер-министр» заявила о жестоком нападении Marina Kireeva, calling himself the soloist of the group “Colors”, accusing the organizers of the concert of negligence. According to the young woman, she was beaten in Saransk, where the actress spoke at corporate. Currently, the singer is undergoing treatment and the police finds out circumstances of the incident.

The Marina Kireeva, the wife of the soloist of group “Prime Minister” who calls himself an ex-participant of “Colors” informed fans that she was beaten at corporate in Saransk. Immediately after the speech, a young woman came to a medical facility. According to the artist, she received a large amount of damage. The attack on Marina connects with the irresponsibility of the organizers of the event. At the moment, Kireeva undergoing rehabilitation.

“My dear friends! I was in the hospital. A large number of bruises, contusions, concussion, severe dislocation of the thumb, etc. it Happened due to the negligence of the organizers in Saransk, who were unable to ensure my safety,” said the singer in the microblog.

Concerned followers Marina began to ask her the details of what happened. “What happened? How so?”, “Tin. Hold on, please,” “get Well,” “Horror,” wrote in the comments of the post Kireeva. “Now I’m home, long story,” replied the singer, not going into details. The artist can also help parents who monitor her condition.

A few hours later Kireev again got in touch with followers. The young woman thanked the concerned people for their support and stated that it should recover in a week. The plans of the Marina further work, which was interrupted by a vicious attack.

“Today I was discharged from the hospital. The police is handling the case. I really difficult to write and to talk, but I need to stand up to the 12th, to work on… How to do it, I have no idea yet. (…) And perhaps my well-wishers are happy that Marina Kireeva missing as an artist and as a mother and as a human being… God bless them! And goodness to all! The names of all to thank can’t, but when you get up on your feet, with every contact, I hope, all remember. In any case, thank you! And it’s not fake,” – shared Kireyev yesterday.

Recall that the pop band “Colors” was founded in 2001 in Minsk. Marina Kireeva argues that beginning work in a team in the late 2000s. According to the singer, she took part in recording the album “Green album”, the cover of which you can see her face. Now the actress is happily married to the lead singer of “Prime Minister” Vasily Kireev and continues to be as with the hits “Paint”, and original songs.

At the same time, there is a view that Marina Kireeva is a former member of the popular group. This was stated by the founder of “Colors” Alexey Voronov. In the opinion of men, the attack on the artist due to the fact that she was impersonating the ex-soloist of the famous band.

“The incident occurred at corporate in Saransk. When during the concert, it was discovered the deception that the soloist is not the same – the organizers demanded to return the money. No money was returned and the twins just beat. (…) The law in Russia does not work against you. But to beat will sometimes. Because no conscience,no shame, you don’t have,” wrote the worker of show business on Facebook.