The ex-soloist of “Buranovskiye grandmothers” crushed column on the statement

Экс-солистку «Бурановских бабушек» придавило колонкой на выступлении An elderly woman fell right on the asphalt. Caring rushed to help the former soloist of “Buranovskiye grandmothers” to stand up. After the incident, the actress continued to delight the audience with their songs and give a good mood.

Former soloists of the famous in Europe of the group “Buranovskie grandmother” was invited to speak at the opening of a supermarket in Izhevsk. Older women gave positive emotions to all the participants and happy with their songs. However, at some point a strong wind blew. In the end, press ox, against which performed songs of ladies in old age, began to be filled up and geared column. Music equipment fell on one of the singers of the band. Ex-“Buranovskaya grandmother” was not kept on his feet and was on the pavement.

The assistants were shocked and hurried to help an elderly singer. Judging by that video, the actress continued performance. The organizers have removed the ill-fated press vol from the site to such an incident is not repeated.

The group “Buranovskie babushki” became famous almost in the whole world after participating in the musical contest “Eurovision”, which took place in 2012 in Baku. Elderly women from Udmurtia performed brilliantly and took second place. Also, it was the age of the participants. The oldest artist at that time was 76 years old.

Two years after the triumph of the producer of the group “Buranovskie grandmother” Xenia Rubtsova has decided to update the composition. The actress has not lost – they continued their performances, however, under the new name “Grandmothers from Buranovo”. The ex-soloist of “Buranovskiye grandmothers” happy liberation from the yoke of the producer

One of the soloists, Olga Toktarev, admitted that she and her friends even happy to work without a producer. The members of the group now decide where to play and what songs to perform. They admitted that they were not easy to take the conditions which were put forward by their Director. They did not want to work in a very busy schedule – they prefer to spend time with grandchildren and household chores. Now “Grannies from Buranovo” mainly engaged in the concerts, which take place in the territory of their native country and rarely go to other cities or countries for performances.