The widow of Igor Sorin was first told about his last days before the tragedy

Вдова Игоря Сорина впервые рассказала о его последних днях перед трагедией In the program “actually” remembered the two legendary singers. And Igor Sorin and Oleg Yakovlev died too early. Kirill Andreev and Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo told how he worked with the guys.
Вдова Игоря Сорина впервые рассказала о его последних днях перед трагедией

In the new issue of “In fact” was attended by the soloists of the group “Ivanushki International” Kirill Andreev, and Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo, the Artists remembered the Genesis of the project and revealed details of the tragic fate of ex-members of the team of Igor Sorin and Oleg Yakovlev.

Andrew met with Igor when they are met together in the musical “Metro”. Then in the framework of the project Igor Matvienko joined by Cyril. The hit team of “Clouds” in the 90s sounded from the speakers all the tape, and the guys from “Ivanushki International” has begun tour.

“We didn’t have time for anything. The first five years. I don’t remember there being a quarrel between us,” says Andrew.

“Then he invited me to visit, showed the new songs and the dialogue continued”, – said Kirill.
Вдова Игоря Сорина впервые рассказала о его последних днях перед трагедией

Sorin could not stay long in the group because he wanted to perform his own songs. “I tried to persuade him to stay,” said Grigoriev-Apollo. According to singer, Igor was not of this world, more creative. Colleagues advised him to combine his career as an independent artist and involved in the team, but he didn’t.

The experts show out that despite the cohesion in the group, sometimes there were conflicts. Andrew mentioned that he had a fight with Igor, when he wanted to leave the project. Besides, guys often “teasing” each other and joked about his colleagues. In Tyumen they had a serious falling out over the fact that Sorin had been drinking.

To care third soloist not much impact on the image of the band, shortly before this event the boys took Oleg Yakovlev, he performed with them on some concerts. However, two months later, Igor finally left the project.

Вдова Игоря Сорина впервые рассказала о его последних днях перед трагедией

Andrew believes that Sorin was still some envy of the group. Igor had often told the children: “You don’t cope.” However, Yakovlev successfully joined the team. First Oleg, the public does not accept, but then had its fans.

Another visitor was Alexander Chernikov, the civil wife of Igor Sorin. Previously, she appeared on television.

“Periodically, he was in euphoria, occasionally in a very depressed state. I find it hard to speak. At the time of its presentation alone, the reality is another. He hoped that once there will be something important in life. And there was a period of silence and calm,” said the woman.
Вдова Игоря Сорина впервые рассказала о его последних днях перед трагедией

Chernikova admits that it was hard to see Sorin depressed, because earlier he was always joyful. Igor traveled a lot with friends and changed his place of residence. Sasha admits that the singer was depressed. The experts have found out dead ex-soloist of the abused illicit substances.

Alexander was not near the chosen one, when the tragedy occurred. “At 10 o’clock in the morning we called home and announced that Igor in the hospital,” – said the civilian wife of Sorin.

The mother of the deceased Igor Sorin spoke frankly about the tragedy

Andrew learned the sad news from journalists who told him that his former colleague is dying. Grigoriev-Apollo recalled a similar situation. In 1994, he got in a terrible accident. Then Sorin regularly visited him in the hospital. “He told me, “You’ll survive,” says the artist.

According to Andrew, it is possible that the incident with Igor could be a murder.

«Perhaps. Such domestic turmoil. Someone someone pushed, and he fell once. In my mind still the official version is not” – said Andrey.
Вдова Игоря Сорина впервые рассказала о его последних днях перед трагедией

Former colleagues of Sorin not exclude the version of suicide. Experts believe that Kirill and Andrei also allow: someone could kill Igor.

The program showed a clip of “Dolls”. It starred all four of the legendary soloists and groups. According to the memoirs Andreeva, Yakovlev was very difficult during the first concerts of the orchestra, and sometimes he even cried in the dressing room.

The editors of the show Dmitry Shepelev was invited to the Studio Tatyana Nikolaevna, the niece of Oleg. It is considered the heiress of all artist. Tatiana claims that Yakovlev left the band due to Alexandra Kutsevol. Now, according to Tatyana, the beloved singer claimed to his property. Supposedly Kutsevol provided a document about the secret marriage.

“In Oleg’s death are to blame “Ivanushki-International”, – Tatiana confirmed that Sasha said this phrase on parting with the civil husband.Niece Oleg Yakovlev is at war with his widow over the estate

In the final programme, Andrew admitted that 2017 was very difficult for him.

“It was a tragedy. Only in January while on vacation in Bali from my head flew the grief associated with the death of Oleg, and the second associated with the death of my sister. 2017 was a killer,” said Grigoriev-Apollo.