Keti Topuria congratulated Gufa with a victory in battle over Bird

Кети Топурия поздравила Гуфа с победой в батле над Птахой Today was the match of the two rappers in St. Petersburg. Information about the meeting of former participants of the CENTRE quickly spread in the Network. Gufu managed to win all three rounds and get a considerable sum of money.
Кети Топурия поздравила Гуфа с победой в батле над Птахой
Кети Топурия поздравила Гуфа с победой в батле над Птахой

Today in one of the bars of Saint-Petersburg hosted the most talked about Versus battle. At stake was the prize of three million rubles. The participants of this match were the rappers Guf and Ptaha. Alexey Dolmatov and David Nureyev once together were members of the Moscow group CENTR. Now each of them quite busy with other creative projects.

Bird called Gufa in battle in September 2017. Then Dolmatov demanded fees in the amount of two million rubles. Ptah stood at € 1 million Restaurateur who organizes Versus-battles, paid the money.

Fans of artists are seriously worried before the fight. Guf had a vacation in Thailand, having fun with friends, so, according to many, he was not ready to test. However, Dolmatov scored a victory with the account 3:0.

Keti Topuria, with whom the rapper has long been credited with the novel, congratulated him on Twitter. She posted the picture, which shows a gesture, familiar to fans Gufa. In the caption she left the smiley Cup.

Fans of the singer immediately realized that she dedicated the post Alex. “Lech is the first”, “no Doubt about it”, “the body, beauty!””Hooray, we can relax now,” discussed the Network users.

Rumors about the relationship between Topuria and Body go for a few months. Celebrities make fun of these conversations, intriguing portraits taken on the same background. Katie repeatedly said that they are just friends, but many people notice them together.

“Saw how they came on his car in our village Aprelevka, – told “StarHit” roommate of the musician. More often they spend their evenings together, but sometimes arrange friendly get-togethers.”

Bird, the loser of the battle, with the Body left in a microblog post, in which he noted that now waiting for the release of the new album by the enemy. Referee of the match between former colleagues in CENTR was Basta, who for several years worked with the Body. However, they parted ways.

Before the start of the battle that’s talked about abilities of the rappers. “If to speak about chances of winning, a lot depends on whether the affected hastreiter. But it will be immediately obvious because everyone knows who is capable of what. The trump card of Ptah is its rabid. Strong side Gufa – it is his “Yes, I’m so bad, throw in me a stone he who is without sin,” shared the musician.

Later, the bird described their emotions from the fight. “I am very glad that there surfaced some things that you didn’t know. I am very grateful Restaurateur, who agreed, because this battle is 4 million raised. It was cool. I want to convey special greetings to Alex and tell him people who agreed on something, needs to fulfill the agreements. But if they do not fulfill them, they I,” said the rapper.

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