The widow of Dmitry Marjanova wrote an open letter to the dead husband

Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова написала открытое письмо погибшему мужу
Today marks 40 days since then, how not to become a famous actor.

Photo: Facebook

For more than a month has passed since the tragic and still unclear until the end of the death of Dmitry Maryanova. His friends and relatives learn to live on. The actor’s widow Xenia BIK outspoken about their feelings on social networks. She wrote a long letter to Dmitry, which described everything that is happening in her soul and what she would like him now to tell.

“40 days ago…..My favorite, the only boy… the Idea that you’re on a long tour, saved the first two weeks. And then stopped “working”. The depth of horror that is beyond words. Home soaked every inch… Every object: from the things to sweets. Who will understand this oddity: take the candy that was laying lonely on the shelf, and thought, as the blade: “Dimka brought from Rostov…”. And even the wrapper sticks to the palm of your hand. Piece by piece goes nowhere…

And this is the Life! All that can be disgusting, sticky and nasty —showed his face and blossomed in all its vulgar and dirty power. All the things you kept and the shore with their wings our family. People; words; dirty fingers poking up anywhere; black mouth, similar to a cesspool; clowns, who have forgotten that they are men; those who earned your gift of money…. and makes still; cheap acts crazy, polypeptide, useless, offended women…

You don’t. You can’t comfort me, to hold, to shut these dirty rags throats, “shoot” everyone who considers himself the right the “brave and courageous” to kick my dead body inside. But it’s all dust, dear. The dust and stench of the Apocalypse, which goes wide, destroying the planet. I’ll tell you the same thing every day repeat out loud: I LOVE YOU!!!!! And that without sound yell, clutching his head and tearing nails into the neck: I SKUCHAYU!!! God has failed and we will not be able to break so easy! Some kind of death… But, I must admit that it subtly us… So to speak, with divine creativity! Bravo to you, God! What? Couldn’t we at ground breaking, right? Life, women, diseases, rumors, poverty, uselessness, gossip… failed! We was not afraid of anyone! Not afraid of anything! And you know why, God? Because WE were FROM EACH other. Now…. You didn’t kill this love, and immortalized! Drummed firmly in the earth. You are your own judge, God….

Dima. You don’t. Me no one else your voice will not be called “my little kasasa”, “sugar sugar”… Anfiska earlier no one was allowed to call himself a “Pan”, and now requires all… to HEAR these sounds. With someone else’s energy. Other people’s feelings. A combination of letters….

You’re there all ready like we planned, okay? We’ve got all Eternity. I do not fear death, because YOU are WAITING for ME. If I do it myself, it would be cowardice. You love me for my STRENGTH, not a piece of meat in the dirt and saliva of those who will tear my body to myself for a smile. Our daughter will be alone alone with the city I so reluctant to come. My parents did not survive! They’ve come for me!!! So it is impossible. I declare war on your own life! Which is not and never will LOVE. Everything I lived, everything I’ve been through a lot, took everything (if you believe) God in his Providence. Showed his power and authority…. GOOD for you… now. My beloved, hear! I HOLD THE LINE! So it hurts because that I die. There will be a new Ya Fitted, so to speak. Universal soldier, devoid of fear and pain. I know how hard it is to watch my torture. As if from a cage in the Dark ages. Remember what I told you and you always reassured?? My voice: do NOT be AFRAID! I’m dying slowly, but I will not say a word. Don’t make a sound. As a samurai, dear. You’ll be proud of me, as always, are amazing! It is necessary to rewrite the Book of Genesis, where the main thing was LOVE. I will tear his chest and trample all that he can to hurt; scratched from his bones the desire to live for Love; I will filter out every cell that remembers Love. And write a new Book. In which the key word will be different. And the other commandments and deadly sins. For all that could be connected with the old me went along with you. You have a lot to do. However, I don’t know how you will cope without me, you do everything goes wrong. Guess you’ll just have to wait for me. Your xenica will arrive and we will all continue to do together! “…They lived long and happily and died in one day.” Your. Xenica-stump”.