Natalia Andreichenko reconciled with his son

Наталья Андрейченко помирилась с сыном
The actress has put an end to decades of conflict with Dmitry.

Наталья Андрейченко помирилась с сыном

Natalia Andreychenko

Photo: Elena Fedorova

Natalia Andreichenko told about the joyful change in their
life. The actress has reconciled with her son Dmitry, born from Maxim
Dunaevsky, with whom many years were in a very bad relationship. Apple
of contention was the financial issues. As argued by wife, son left
her without means of existence, removing from a Bank account all her savings.

Наталья Андрейченко помирилась с сыном

Natalia Andreichenko told about the family tragedy

assured that the charges are unfounded. According to him, the wife gave to him
money for the development of the business, which subsequently went bankrupt. Two years ago, in
an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories” and wife admitted that worried
about their children. “I always looked up to Dimitri and Anastasia as individuals:
not looked in their boxes, did not drug test, does not fit in
homework. And they, when grown up, accused me of indifference. Our
the relationship was not easy and that’s the real tragedy, —
Natalia. — How many myself I remember, the family was sacred to me. It
the need, not dependent on immediate offense, because no one is closer
family. But it so happened that my children grew up Western people and know how to put
flags, for which no one is allowed. They live in different countries. Dimitri
graduated from the best Swiss College, University and settled in Lausanne, working in
Bank. Our relationship is frozen. Let me just say that son you are forgiven, now
the choice for him”.

Max and Willow at the wedding of his son. Are — Dimitri and his wife Amelina

Photo: from the personal archive of N. Andreichenko

Apparently, Dmitry did. In a conversation with Boris
By koschevnikovi in the Studio “Destiny of man” Andreichenko said that the son
she was visiting with family. “Now everything is great, the whole situation was resolved
— told the star. The son came with his family to Mexico for a month, now I
food to him. I guess we all have to go through difficulties, he is able to forgive.”