Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова избегает разговоров о его алкоголизме Ksenia BIK spoke to reporters and acryla some of the details of life with the artist. However, the wife of Dmitry Marjanova persistently silent parts, if we are talking about his struggle with addiction.
Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова избегает разговоров о его алкоголизме

The widow of Dmitry Marjanova Xenia BIK openly talked about how was her life with the actor. According to the woman, it is very frustrating that their family faced persecution after the untimely death of the artist. At the moment, the BIC is considering to initiate a number of criminal cases against those who spread false information about her husband.

The last days of life Maryanov spent in rehab. It was there that he became ill, and take him to the hospital he managed. Many believed that the actor was suffering from alcohol dependence. BIK tries to avoid talking about it.

“I don’t want Things in our life. But when I needed help, I did everything one fought, no one asked, did not help. And now…And that’s the wording say: “She put him in a rehabilitation center.” You do know Maryanova? He had somewhere to “bury” – with this character insane?! Or anything wrong with it women are not hatched more than three years? Or nothing or something, it is up to 45 years old never been married never? There was – be healthy”, – says Ksenia.

Most of all she was amazed at the words of those who said that the BIC could wish death Marianowo because claimed his Moscow apartment. The actor’s widow said that when she got married, she had their property in Ukraine. “I have seven apartments, given a parent. In the center of Kiev – its a two bedroom apartment. In Kharkov, in the center – two bedroom apartment. Sports car seven years in the garage is rotting in Kharkov. Then I hear that it’s all set for three rubles in Moscow. The ears are wrapped into a tube,” said BICK.

To Irina Lobacheva, which once met Baranovym, Xenia special treatment. According to the widow of the artist, she knew many of the former spouse, however, the name “Ira” he didn’t even want to hear. “I laugh about the fact that I, in her words, “the hairdresser” in the future for my first haircut I would like to have a customer – Ira. I would very much like Irina to mow! Want to show your hairstyling live on any Federal channel. Dad has promised that he intends to send a special car, it is good cuts. Irina will be my first client. And the last,” – says Ksenia sharply.

As he said to BIK “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, because of the suffering experienced by Lobacheva, she could have a little “parasitica”. Nevertheless, the psychologist could not understand why a woman so negatively disposed towards it.