Татьяна Буланова купила квартиру для сына и его возлюбленной в ипотеку The singer said he wanted her mother. According to Tatiana Bulanova, her cousin even saved money because I wanted to help eldest grandson with the purchase of housing.
Татьяна Буланова купила квартиру для сына и его возлюбленной в ипотеку

Tatiana Bulanova will celebrate this year 28 years on stage. Star’s first performance in St. Petersburg on 16 April 1992. Since then, the singer became one of the most popular on the stage. Celebrity had not only to win recognition but also to become a happy wife and mother. However, at the end of 2016 Bulanova divorced from second husband Vladislav Radimov.

According to the artist, they managed to keep a good relationship with her husband. They decided to live in the same area. “I want to raise a child together. With divorce emotions subsided, we live peacefully. Besides managed to break up a civilized way of fighting for the property was not” – said Tatiana.

The eldest son Bulanova graduated from Trade-economic University on the specialty “food technology”, but does not work in the profession. As told Bulanov, while they live together.

“But I took a mortgage and bought an apartment in a newly built house, close to yourself. It was the last mother’s will – she was saving money, I wanted Sasha to help with housing”, – said Tatiana.

The singer admits that Sasha is already beloved, but the wedding is out of the question. “I really like this, I don’t know what would happen next. The girl is good. We do not live together. When Sasha was little, I once told him: “I want you to meet a girl that will love you, and I will be quiet, you’re not alone”. And he said in surprise: “So I’m not alone, I have a grandmother,” said the singer.

Tatiana and her older son were born almost in one day. According to Bulanova, in their family reigns understanding. However, sometimes between mother and heir disputes. “He’s as stubborn with a character all right. It is sometimes possible to reach consensus, sometimes not. Then just agree to disagree, silently we go”, – explained the artist.

By the way, the friends consider that Bulanova still be able to be happy in marriage, but not trying to find her suitors. “I understand that will be as it was meant to be. One friend recently told me: “Tanya, are you in the market?” On the market, Yes, the bride of marriageable age”, – told Bulanov, “Telenedelya”.