Сати Казанова высказалась о беременности The singer commented on the information about the interesting position. According to Sati Casanova, journalists could have something to confuse. She is in no hurry to become a mother.

A graduate of “star Factory” Sati Casanova happily married to Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo. Some time ago, fans of the actress began to actively discuss her pregnancy. Many have noticed changes in the shape of Sati, when she appeared on award Oksana Fedorova “BEST Couple of the year 2018”. She was wearing an elegant dress, draped at the waist.

Herself Casanova at first, did not comment on this information, but her barrage of questions, demanding explanations. The singer could no longer remain silent and made a statement about an interesting position.

“That’s not true! Don’t know what the portals out there screwed up,” said Sati.

Star is in no hurry to give birth to the child, and devotes herself to creativity and relationship with your spouse. Sati and Stefano designed the marriage in October of last year. The couple were married in a Moscow registry office, and a Grand celebration was arranged at home of the bride. Sati was incredibly happy. To the altar they took her father. Parents Casanova is happy with her husband.

The star herself admits that they have with Stefan full understanding. He supports the woman when she is nervous. “When I can lose my temper, he is calm and cool. And Vice versa. Recently on the set was the case. On the sleeve of the jacket, in which the husband was in the shot, stayed with the price tag is a big and noticeable. He just spent three hours in the Studio and found it only at the very end. Stefano was furious. Rightly, I believe. This disregard. He applies to everything with a huge responsibility… the Wedding planning is actually also a hell of a test. When I was starting to get nervous tick, he had just come up and say a few phrases, and I have laughed” – shared Sati.

March 8, Casanova decided to please fans of his work. She released a video for the song “Mother”. According to star, the cover for the single was shot by her husband. “In the clip will be exposed to the history and definite meaning”, – said Sati. Star is very kind to his friends and often tries to communicate with them. In an interview with the publication “OK!” she suggested that the release of the video could cause her talk about her pregnancy.