Вдова Алексея Петренко назвала причину его смерти

22 February departed this life the famous Russian actor Alexey Petrenko. Star of theatre and cinema, died at the age of 78 years. Cause of death still was unknown to the General public. Today the secret revealed the widow of Alexey Vasilyevich Azim Abdumuminov.

The woman said that death was instantaneous. The reason she was detached thrombus.

Azima suggests that the imminent departure of her husband from life could be provoked by the conflict with his eldest daughter Polina.

In late January, the woman gave an interview to TV channels, which expressed their grievances to the father. Of course, the words of the daughter could not injure the famous artist: “For him it was a real blow. He was very upset. After wrote a letter to the presidential administration of Russia, which resented, why allow lies and slander on the channel. He asked to stop persecution in his address”.