Самбурская обратилась к Фадееву: «Вы гнилой человек» The actress does not mince words to describe the famous producer. On the eve between Maxim Fadeev and Nastasya Samburski scandal broke. The man expressed his opinion and gave preference to Olga Buzova, which greatly hurt the star of the series “Univer”.

      Самбурская обратилась к Фадееву: «Вы гнилой человек»

      Actress Nastassja Samburski not long ago decided to try a new field. Now she tries to become famous as a singer – writes songs and sings. Apparently, a romantic relationship with a member of last year’s “Eurovision” Alexander Ivanov and the collaboration with producer Victor Drobysh has revealed the star of the series “Univer” musical ability. However, not everyone had to taste the creativity Samburski. Well-known producer Maxim Fadeev has not experienced the delight of the songs of the actress and reported it to his fans. Nastasia was indignant to such statement and could not restrain himself from angry comments. Nastasya Samburski had a fight with Maxim Fadeev

      Fadeev tried to reduce the temperature Samburski. It was unfortunate that the famous artist allows himself to let go of the venomous remarks in his address. He asked her to refrain from excessive activity in the comments under his post.

      “You have too high an opinion of himself, a girl. Fight with you – do not respect themselves. Stop me clog feed his mate and the silly comparisons, and I have to agree with his assistant in the definition of you!” asked Fadeev to Samburski.

      However, this only angered the actress. She tried to defend herself and said that once Fadeev wanted to see her in his team. Apparently, Samburski believes that the negative attitude of the producer to her work were the result of resentment for refusing to work with him. The actress does not mince words and say what he thinks about Maxim.

      “I’m not fighting. I’m just telling you the truth. You are a rotten person and your assistant, which in the very first meeting began to break as I have a serious business relationship with Drobysh, and lamented that I was not asked to you in the team, although don’t do that, you’re friends with Viktor Yakovlevich. Don’t be offended. Hate rot. God will not help”, – categorically said Nastasia.

      Samburski hurt that Fadeev prefer Olga Buzova, which also recently decided to conquer the musical Olympus. He believes that the presenter deserves the victory in the nomination “Breakthrough of the year”. Nastasia admits that professional singing is not her path, but, unlike her rival, she performs her hits live. Olga Buzova continued scandal Nastasya Samburski