Ушел из жизни создатель «Жди меня» Сергей Кушнерев In mid-February in mass media there was information that the man was hospitalized with a stroke. Doctors evaluated his condition as serious. Relatives and friends of Sergei Kushnerev to the last hoped that it will get better, but it did not happen.

      Ушел из жизни создатель «Жди меня» Сергей Кушнерев

      Today it was announced that 54-year-old journalist Sergei Kushnarev died. This was reported by General Director of “Moscow speaking” Vladimir Mamontov. The man shocked by the death of talented colleagues. According to Mamontov, he recently spoke with Kushnereva and discussed his plans. Sergei paused in a career in television and worked on his book. Mammoths deeply regrets the incident.

      The Creator of “Wait for me” Sergey Kushnereva was urgently hospitalized

      “Sergei Kushnarev died. 54. Before, wildly. Know him as the Creator of TV program “Wait for me”, “the Last hero”. Taffy and all that. A friend of Sergei Bodrov, godfather to his children. But it is very much important quietly made for “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. He was the first who ever got a computer – asked, “Sergei, what is it, and why?” It method small actions change the format of a newspaper – knowing that post-Soviet readers have to take for a living, fought the long bad essays, dividing the strip into “quarters”. Then it became the A3. But when he came across a masterpiece – he was the most generous otvetchika on the light,” says the man.
      Ушел из жизни создатель «Жди меня» Сергей Кушнерев

      According to Mamontov, his friend tried to fight with the routine. “Sergei grown young journalists in his kennel. Hated stamps, notes for “tick”… We in the 90s were in different camps, it was about the future of Newspapers, corporatization, etc., but kept human contact, though not frequent,” – said the General Director of the Moscow radio station.

      Other familiar Kushnereva joined in the condolences. “The news came… Died Sergey Kushnerev. I was so hoping that you endure. Oh,… Let us remember,” said the photographer, Yuri Feklistov.

      In turn, TV channel “Russia 1” Sergei Brilev thanked deceased mentor. Showman regrets about his death.

      “A total of 54. Most know him as the Creator of the program “Wait for me”. But for us he is the Executive Secretary of the great “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, which was famous in the early 90’s, and where many of us started… And I often quote it. When someone abuses someone else’s note or story, link to it and say, “Write better.” Wonderful he was otvette! Many lessons personally taught,” said the man.

      About a favorite teacher also said the journalist and writer Andrey Dobrov. “To play him in the skit was quite simple – to nauchitsa, loud sniff, all clap on the shoulder, speaking abruptly. And to be absolutely in themselves, close, look a bit faddish – but this is only for those who didn’t know him. Because those who knew him, knew that this oddity, this wheezing is hiding a real editorial talent, terrible performance, deep mind and journalistic flair” – said the man.

      Their memories shared, and one of my colleagues Kushnereva on the program “Last hero”. Oleg Burian, who worked together with the journalist on the set of the popular TV show, remember him very simple person and a terrific professional. “Absolutely brilliant, felt the audience and was able to squeeze out of the people a tear or make you look at the box for wacky adventures on exotic Islands. A real Pro and charismatic person,” said the man.