The daughter of Boris Nemtsov told how he experienced his departure

Дочь Бориса Немцова рассказала, как пережила его уход Senior policy heiress frankly told about the pain of loss. According to Jeanne němcová, it tries to load a great number of cases, not to focus on experiences. The young woman also told reporters about how he admired his father and consulted with him on many issues.

      Дочь Бориса Немцова рассказала, как пережила его уход

      Since the death of politician Boris Nemtsov two years. His eldest daughter Jeanne lives and works in Germany. A young woman working in the foreign broadcaster Deutsche Welle, and is also the founder of the Fund the name of the father. Recently, Nemtsov gave an interview in which openly spoke about how he coped with his departure from life. In recognition of Jeanne, she tries to burden yourself with chores, to have less to worry about. But employment helps her not always. The journalist also made it clear that it did not intend to go into details.

      “I almost all the time busy with something: work, doing Fund these two years I tried not to leave himself a second of free time. I didn’t want to concentrate on their pain, and to do as much as possible to save memory about the father… there Are days when you accidentally all the cases had to redo it sooner than planned. That is to sleep early, and the case is over. These days turn sad. But I don’t want to go into any details. It is still a private matter and this is a hard situation. I would not want anyone such a wish,” shared a young woman.
      Дочь Бориса Немцова рассказала, как пережила его уход

      According to Jeanne, father talked to her and tried to help with advice on many issues. Nemtsov said that her parents were amazing intuition and the ability to predict further development of the situation in the country. And sometimes Nemtsov even allow themselves to criticize a successor. “He was very pleased that her daughter is independent and tough. He thought it should be. But then he adds that his personal life is bad”, – said the journalist.

      A young woman is convinced that Boris Nemtsov would have been surprised by her way of life. Despite the fact that a politician tragically died, the thoughts and deeds associated with it, occupy a large part of the life of Joan.

      “I’m much wiser over the past two years. Because no longer count on his father’s sage advice and his assistance,” – said Nemtsov’s daughter.

      Jeanne also told reporters, “jellyfish” that admired close person from early childhood and considered him special.

      Recall that Jeanne Nemtsov took part in the filming of the new film of the tragically deceased policy. The picture is “Too free man” of Faith Krychev and Mikhail Fishman, was released on February 23. Besides the daughter of Boris Nemtsov, for the ribbon also gave an interview to Mikhail Prokhorov, Irina Khakamada, Mikhail Fridman, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and many others.

      Later his memories of politics was shared by his daughter Dina Nemtsov, which debuted at the Tatler ball in November last year.

      “Two years have passed, has not become easier. I’d like to make him proud of me. I am lucky that I have someone to look up to in school, fair looks and vital force. Sorry dad and I never talk. He is a great man and I love him very much. I want to say a big thank you to all those who keep the memory of it. I am very grateful for that,” shared the girl.