Ольга Бузова попросила у мамы прощения за Тарасова

Divorce of Olga Buzovoy Dmitry Tarasov was for a girl, the most noteworthy event of the last months, because in an instant to take and stop talking about it is not so simple.

Earlier we told you about the altercation in the social network, which staged the ex-wife. Then Tarasov suggested Buzova not to submit their personal Affairs to the public and to calm down.

But Olga can not close this topic and again in his microblog tells about the diseased corn. This time in the context of relationships parents-children: “What if we were not adults… for our parents we will always be children… (Here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved. – Approx. ed.) – posted by socialite in the microblog. – Take care of his family, and, girls, remember, no man is worth the tears of our mothers. I’m trying to keep their relatives from the unnecessary drama and always say I’m fine even if it’s not… this time it did not… mommy, I’m sorry for your tears. I love you very much. And I’ll be happy, I promise.”

Members supported Olga and wished her more power. “I’m on your side. And support you. Love. I’m a fan. And Your ex-husband still come back like a boomerang!”, “After this type of men! And a “tragedy for us” finally, a Mature and sober look at the men,” — wrote fans.

We will remind as earlier told her mother Olga, almost at the beginning of the relationship with the daughter Tarasov, she felt that this can’t be good.