Вдова Александра Тихановича поведала, как переживает тяжелую утрату In January, people’s artist of Belarus and participant of the ENSEMBLE “Veras” passed away after a long illness. Close Alexander Tikhanovich did everything possible to help him recover, but the disease took its toll. Recently, the relatives of the musician gave a Frank interview to journalists.
Вдова Александра Тихановича поведала, как переживает тяжелую утрату

In late January, died people’s artist of Belarus Alexander Tikhanovich, the participant of ensemble “Veras”. The man was only 64 years. The sad news was announced by the daughter of a musician Anastasia. Alexander G. died of idiopathic fibroporous alveolitis – a rare autoimmune disease of the lungs. Celebrity relatives to the last hoped for a miracle and doing everything possible to ease his suffering.

Recently, the widow of music stars Jadwiga Poplavskaya and her daughter Anastasia Tikhanovich gave a Frank interview to the program “Simple questions” of the channel “RTR-Belarus”. Women told the facilitator Egor Khrustalev about the thoughts and feelings of the past life of the artist.

In recognition Jadwiga K., she was moved by the large number of people who came to say a final word to her husband. Currently, the singer threw himself into the work, and she continues to work on new songs.

“We both did not expect that we will have so many people to say goodbye and support me… People just want me to continue. And I can’t let those people who are looking forward to it. And I understand that Sasha does not want to kind of stop. Than I calm heart, so is work in the Studio,” – said Poplavskaya.
Вдова Александра Тихановича поведала, как переживает тяжелую утрату

According to the woman, she believes that her husband is still with her. Care of a close person has become a shock for Jadwiga Konstantinovna. The singer admitted that has not had much to say to her husband.

The daughter of Tikhanovich revealed the truth about his deadly disease

Вдова Александра Тихановича поведала, как переживает тяжелую утрату“Today, I have a feeling that Sasha’s not around. So he went somewhere, and it’s so often that I got used to the fact that I’m the one waiting for him. We laughed, I told him: “Oh, Sasha, we are with you, in my opinion, are found only on the stage. In songs we tell each other about the feelings we have inside.” But in real life we had not even had time, just no time to stop talking. We never lived together,” shared the singer.
Вдова Александра Тихановича поведала, как переживает тяжелую утрату

During the conversation with the leading program Poplavskaya noted that after the death of the beloved found in his papers touching poem, which shocked her.

Вдова Александра Тихановича поведала, как переживает тяжелую утрату“When Sasha was not, somewhere, probably a month later… bags, folders, it is often something recorded, I have not been introduced, this was it. (…) And then I think, “Well still it is necessary, necessary,” And you know what I found… apparently, it was a splash of what’s inside,” said the singer.

Jadwiga K. said that her husband mentioned her in his work. Then she read it aloud. In the poem Tikhanovich was the following lines:

How many years have I lived,
The prodigal son was hanging
I didn’t see you,
Although close you were, God.
How grateful I am to you for your care,
For a wife that brought me back
And opened his eyes to see another world.

Remembering wife, the actress could not hold back emotions. Eye Poplavskaya were filled with tears.

“Because, actually, I lived, so he stood up… And he did. And in this respect it can indeed be a shining example for others… Yes, he was broken and didn’t understand how could you do that with people at the time. So he broke down and took advantage of others,” – said Jadwiga K..