Дочь Алексея Панина публично высмеяла мать The actor was caught on video talking of nyusi with a parent. Julia Udintsev gently talks to the girl, however, according to the record, the child won’t listen mom. Alexey Panin hinted that the woman was late with similar words for many years.

Publication of Alexei Panin (@panin.aleksey2018) Jul 18 2017 7:15 PDT

Alexey Panin has posted a video in which his daughter niusia talking to my mother on the phone. According to the actor, Julia Udintsev wrong words during a conversation and Lisp with the child. The girl says to mom on speakerphone, so you can capture the essence of the conversation.

“I miss you very much, baby. I hold you tight. You do remember, and from my grandmother Hello,” says Julia.

Judging by the reaction of nyusi, its aggravating conversations like this. The expression of the girl says confused. The heiress Panina terse and wants to interrupt the conversation. After the call, the child rolls his eyes and says “hot damn” and then laughs leaping.

“We broke up. As the concert Zadornov went. The NUS, of course, still a child, but not insane. Mom was late with a call for eight years. It is a pity that the whole masterpiece does not fit here, I had to cut,” said Alex.

Many netizens tried to protect the woman, believing that the actor is manipulating the child against her. In response to the negative comments posted Panin texts that Udintsev sent NUS. Daughter of Alexei Panin released a shocking message from mother

In the screen you can see that the girl’s mother tried to discredit Alex. According to the woman, the Pope can rape a child. He is a movie star believes that it is not necessary to protect a woman who allows herself such statements in correspondence with the heiress.

In an interview with “StarHit” the NUS reported the impressions of the last meeting with mom.

“I say – run! But where to go? To the mom who’s acting strange and kept drinking. I don’t miss her and don’t want to communicate, because she doesn’t understand me. When was the last time I saw her, she hugged me… it Was uncomfortable. I feel good to live with dad!” – explained the NUS.