Parents Elena Borscheva met for the first time in 37 years

Родители Елены Борщевой встретились впервые за 37 лет The story of a former participant Comedy Woman said on the “Let them talk”. Despite the fact that Elena borscheva communicates with his father who lives in another country, her mother never met with former lover. After years of close stars have finally reunited.
Родители Елены Борщевой встретились впервые за 37 лет

The parents of 36-year-old actress Elena Borscheva met in Moscow. Then the mother of the actress – Tatiana V. – he studied at the Timiryazev Academy and the father of the famous Panamanian Julio Santa-Maria Gerra received education in PFUR. Soon, however, the couple broke up, and the alien returned to his home. After some time the light appeared Elena.

On Tuesday, July 18, in the broadcast of the TV show “Let them talk” was a long awaited meeting of the mother and father of the former participants Comedy Woman. The first Studio appeared Tatyana Vitalevna, who shared his story of meeting with a resident of Panama. The woman also told about how her daughter learned about the parent.

Родители Елены Борщевой встретились впервые за 37 лет“She was ten years old. It is, of course, was upset, crying. Because like dad is, and dad’s not around,” she remembered.
Родители Елены Борщевой встретились впервые за 37 лет

Since that time Elena borscheva waited for Julio Santa Maria Guerra is coming to her birthday. Peers made fun of a girl who grew up without a father. Years later, the actress was able to reunite with his father. “The first meeting was when I arrived in Holland (the parent stars received in this country, a doctorate – Ed.). I was accepted very well,” he told the star.

The leader of the program Andrey Malakhov asked the mother of a celebrity, why she met with former lover. “I have not had the opportunity, I was not invited,” replied with a smile Tatyana Vitalevna. She also added that I would not go to far Panama for the sake of communication with Julio Santa Maria Herrou. At the moment, the parent star is married to the father of her second daughter.

According to Tatyana Vitalievna, before parting Julio knew that she will become a mother soon. The woman also told of the message of the alien, in which he spoke about his feelings for the resident of Russia.

“On the one hand, he was glad, on the other, sad. He saw no way out of this situation… When I was in the hospital, mom brought me an envelope. It was a card with these words: “I’m leaving, but I will never forget. You will always be in my heart,” said the mother of the stars.
Родители Елены Борщевой встретились впервые за 37 лет

In a live TV show met Tatiana Borshchova and her friend Galina Surovoi. Woman not seen for about 37 years. Their reunion accompanied by tears of joy. Friends, whom the fate of the spread, easily got to know each other.

Then in the Studio, the program itself Elena borscheva. The woman explained, why not go with her mother on a date with a parent.

Родители Елены Борщевой встретились впервые за 37 лет“Actually, the meeting I’ve waited my whole life. We met when I was 21. Of course, I didn’t know how I will be… I went to meet friends, and I didn’t even know where it will lead. When was this meeting at the airport, I would like to look at myself in the mirror. I realized where I was and is similar to whom”, – told the artist.
Родители Елены Борщевой встретились впервые за 37 лет

According to Borshchova, the man regretted not raised her daughter. “I heard nothing,” added the actress. After some time, joined the dialogue itself Julio Santa Maria Guerra. Seeing the former lover, the man said to her, “Hello.” That, in turn, also shook hands with the foreigner. Andrei Malakhov drew attention to the fact that celebrity parents spoke with each other quite cool.

“I don’t think you need to Express your feelings. For me it’s really a big surprise that I can hug my daughter… I always Have a feeling of gratitude for this opportunity to study in the Soviet Union. And what happened… I don’t regret it. When I met with Tanya and four months was in practice to complete his training in October I had to leave. At the time I was married to a woman who was my first wife,” said Julio.
Родители Елены Борщевой встретились впервые за 37 лет

As it turned out, mother Elena Borscheva knew that her lover was married. According to a resident of Panama, his legal wife even visited a student dormitory. “He promised nothing from him, I demanded nothing. I am in not accusing him” – explained Tatiana Vitalievna.

Current wife Julio Gonzalez Gladius also came from abroad. In the program she met with Elena and her mother.

Родители Елены Борщевой встретились впервые за 37 лет“I admire Tatyana. We have Julio’s three sons, the boy. When I learned that Elena will visit us in Holland, then I found out that Elena exists. I must say that I was very surprised. But when I saw her for the first time, it is not doubted that it was his own daughter. I am very pleased to welcome Helen in the bosom of our family and love her like a daughter,” admitted the wife of the father of the actress.
Родители Елены Борщевой встретились впервые за 37 лет

A surprise for Elena Borscheva became involved in the transmission of her first school love – Maxim Cimilluca. “Unfortunately, I did not drink, while watching. I often watch shows with you. My wife is your biggest fan. I am very happy for you,” said a classmate of the artist.

In turn, the father of celebrity also prepared a nice gift. Panamanian first met with his granddaughter, Uma, the younger daughter of the former participants Comedy Woman. The joy of a happy grandfather there was no limit. “Acknowledged,” said Elena satisfied.