Ведическая концепция гармонизации жизни: здоровье, астрология, домашнее пространство

Nowadays people mostly obey the laws of the state and social norms, but a couple thousand years ago, the people had very deep knowledge about the laws of nature. For example, at the time people knew what cases positively engage in different days of the week. This science in modern language — astrology, Vedic concepts of Jyotish. Modern astrology is not retained and 10% of the knowledge contained in the Scriptures (shastras) given by the sages thousands of years ago. Since time immemorial, people who lived according to the Vedic knowledge, was subject of different Sciences on the harmonization of human life.

Ведическая концепция гармонизации жизни: здоровье, астрология, домашнее пространство

Regulated all spheres of social life: economy, politics, Economics, medicine, pedagogy, etc.

One of the most important areas:

  • Vastu (the laws of space harmonization);
  • Ayurveda (the science of how to maintain health);
  • Jyotish (Vedic astrology);
  • yogic practice (yoga of Patanjali, etc.).

Vastu (the Vedic science of space harmonization)

Ведическая концепция гармонизации жизни: здоровье, астрология, домашнее пространство

Vastu is the science of harmonious space. Vastu aims to make people happier and to bring prosperity to their homes, shops, factories and offices. This science tells about the compliance of certain energies of the world. There are 9 directions: 4 basic (North, South, West and East), 4 mixed and one Central.

So in a certain space people feel comfortable must be harmonious interaction of all basic elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether). In addition, different directions have different impacts on our lives.

It is considered that the East is the wisdom that the South is enjoying, North — austerity, the West — the practical, material value. In accordance with this knowledge, this science is applicable not only to home but also to natural, and even to world space.

How can you use this knowledge at home? For example, if we want to rise spiritually, we have to sleep head to the East to resonate with these energies. If we sleep head to the South, instead of spiritual growth will grow the desire to enjoy things and material goods.

Vastu also gives advice about the location of furniture and furnishings in the space. It is recommended not to put any furniture from the North, as it will cover the material well-being of its owner.

As the universe is not without a caring owner, and each space has its own Guardian. In the Russian tradition called the creature House: some grandmothers still put it to milk and leave candy. Of course, now we do not. But we must recognize that in any house there is the Owner. In Vastu describes how it is located in space at home and what it influences.

For example, is extremely unfavorable to put the furniture in the center of the apartment (right on the belly Vastu puruṣa), etc.

Ведическая концепция гармонизации жизни: здоровье, астрология, домашнее пространство

Ayurveda (Vedic medicine alternative)

Ведическая концепция гармонизации жизни: здоровье, астрология, домашнее пространство

Ayurveda is the science of how to be healthy without the use of chemical medicines. We can say that this ancient Indian alternative medicine. The ancient sages told how to interact with the energies of the universe to preserve and increase health.

Health impact of the following main components:

  • food
  • the air
  • the mode of the day
  • the sound

Ayurveda pays particular attention to the power supply system. She aptly describes the compatibility and incompatibility of products. In addition, according to Ayurveda, meals should occur at certain hours in which you eat certain foods. For example, favorably in the morning consumed fermented milk products (kefir, fermented baked milk), sweets, fruit. In the afternoon it is better to eat dishes made with legumes. Lunch is considered the main meal. For dinner it is recommended to eat steamed vegetables, buckwheat, etc.

For each type of body is also for your diet. Body types are determined by the system of three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) that arise by interaction of the primary elements of summer (water, earth, air, fire and ether). Based on these three doshas, it is possible to determine the Constitution of man given to him from birth.

Ayurveda extensively uses treatment plants (in particular, tulasī), aromatherapy, regulation mode and power mode, the power according to your dosha, massages, etc.

Jyotish (Vedic astrology)

Jyotish helps people to channel their energy in accordance with the influence of the planets, which act in an individual person’s horoscope. This science helps to strengthen the weak planets of the horoscope and develop all the positive qualities of a strong planets.

For example, before the wise men knew that each day of the week corresponds to one of the planets. This planet governs all the energies of this day.

The remains of this ancient knowledge can be seen in English, where the days of the week partially match the names of the owners of these planets. For example, Saturday — Saturn’s day in English is called Saturday (day of Saturn), and Saturn’s name in English- Satur. Or Sunday, which in English is called Sunday: not hard to guess that this planet is ruled by the Sun.

Monday — moon day called Monday (moon — moon).

If we take into account that each day corresponds to a planet, then we will be able to simplify my life, harmonizing its activities with the energies that carries a particular Host. Each planet can be thought of as a very powerful personality with its own characteristics, character and qualities.

For example, Tuesday — day of Mars. Mars is brave, strict, resolute warrior. These days often accidents can occur, conflicts, quarrels, can lead to failure of the equipment. Especially if your map is a weak Mars. But at the same time on Tuesday favorably with surgeries, medical interventions, to engage in the sports hall, etc.

Each person has their own individual horoscope and it shows how strong planets and weak. Depending on which planet is strong and which is weak in these planets days of the week you may feel some lapses, it shows the weakness of the planet rises or Vice versa — so, the power of the planet’s favor.

Live in harmony with the Universe and its energies!

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