The TV channel “Yu” began fighting for children’s health

Телеканал «Ю» начал борьбу за здоровье детей

For every mother the baby’s health comes first, and nothing in the world compares to her experiences and fear when something is wrong. On 14 October, the TV channel “Yu” has launched a new socially significant project “save my child”.

“Save my child” is a medical reality that gives hope and returns happy childhood. The scale of the project enormous, because the real Russian families from completely different parts of the country. The program was created with the support of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. And most important – the first time the main characters are small children with congenital or acquired diseases. Some parents did not trust doctors, reading reviews online, other family long time, put the wrong diagnosis, and the third just didn’t know that their way of life threatens the health of a child have allergies. To diseases encountered by the heroes of the project, it is impossible to prepare, but they can and must be fought.

A team of experienced doctors will take up the most difficult cases. The program will show the whole process of treatment: from diagnosis to significant results in young patients. The children and their parents will work as a professional psychologist, because often in the family where a child is sick, it is very necessary not only medical help. In reality, the participants will get a chance to recover, and the audience will find helpful information about how to detect the symptoms of diseases in children, as well as where to go and what to do in certain cases.

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Leading the project was the actress Glafira Tarhanova. More than ten years, she plays in the theater “Satyricon”, and her filmography includes about 40 roles in movies. Glafira is a mother of three sons, so the history of heroes takes to heart and sincerely sympathizes with them.

When: at 19:30 on Fridays

Where: channel “Yu”

Age limit: 16+